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Automatic fish feeders for fish feed and growth make life easy. They give the tank owners freedom by automatically feeding up to 14 days. In the age of invention, hygger brings the hygger 082 fish feeder with numerous cool and advanced options like remote control, proper monitoring, videography, etc.

In the following, you’ll learn about its features, setup, design, and how to use a fish feeder. Aside from these points, you’ll also learn how to feed beta fish and healthily grow them. Let’s know more about this modern solution.

how to use fish feeder

How to use a fish feeder

Vacation Fish Feeder

It’s an aquarium device that automatically feeds the fish when the aquarists are away from the home. They come in varying sizes. You can set the feeding frequency, i.e., one or more times a day. It slowly releases the specific weight of feed into the tank according to the set feeding frequency. It can feed your pet from 2 to 14 days.

Applications of Vocation Fish Feeder

  • It helps to save the fish from accidental hunger when the aquarist forgets to feed in time.
  • It assists the aquarists when they are going away or busy somewhere for one or few days.
  • It feeds accurately, which helps in the pet’s healthy growth.

Hygger 082 Fish Feeder

Hygger has introduced an advanced automatic fish feeder for aquariums. It provides more control over your vacation fish feeder with a user-friendly app. It allows you to feed your fish from anywhere. Here are the features, design, and how to set up this device.


It comes in a compact, durable, made with moisture-resistant materials in a sleek design. Its design helps to control it with the help of the mobile application. Clamps in the box help to attach it to the tank wall. A 2K HD water-resistant camera with night vision helps to monitor, take snaps, and make memorable videos.

A 230 ml large capacity, transparent container with an easy-to-fill basket helps to run for long days. Its design allows you to manually and automatically feed your fish up to 0.1-gram precision. A 5ft USB cord helps to attach it with power resources. It’s easy to clean and maintain.


  • You can control your tank remotely through a mobile application.
  • User-friendly app helps you to control your automatic fish feeder from anywhere.
  • You can instantly feed your fish from anywhere with “feed” in your app.
  • It offers multiple timers and feed quantity settings.
  • The feeder provides a food shortage alert in your mobile application.
  • It has a 2K HD camera with night vision that assists in remote tank observation.
  • It allows you to take beautiful snaps and record memorable videos of your tank.
  • You can share your live screen with 5 devices. However, only one person can customize the feeder.
  • It is suitable for multiple fish, i.e., carp, goldfish, parrotfish, guppy, arowana, tropical fish species, bottom fish, and even turtles.
  • It offers both manual and automatic feeding options.
  • You can feed round pellets, flakes, strips, and powdered food.
  • A double-sealed compartment helps to keep the feed fresh and moisture-free.
  • Finally, the fish feeder offers a 230-ml feed storage container.
automatic fish feeder for aquarium

Automatic fish feeder for aquarium


It’s easy to set up a hygger 082 fish feeder. Follow the following step-by-step procedure.

  • Unbox the accessory pack and spread them near to you.
  • Use the adjustable clip to adjust the feeder on the corner of the tank.
  • Attach the feeder with the tank’s lid with the help of stickers.
    • Attach the night vision 2K HD camera on the side of the there better sight.
  • Use the C-type USB charger cord to connect it to the electricity resource, i.e., home electricity or a power bank.
  • Install the “Smart Life” application attached.
  • Create an account.
  • Press the reset button on the feeder for 5 seconds until light blinks.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on Add Device.
  • Click on camerawork and select the smart camera.
  • Click the QR manue code, select Wi-Fi mode, and select AP mode.
  • Enter the network name and password, and press connect.
  • Make a feeding schedule by setting the duration and feeding time.
  • Set the feeding quantity up to 0.1 grams.
  • Use the device to look at the tank.
  • Click “manual feed” to manually feed your fish.
  • It will send you a food shortage notification on your device screen and blink a red light on the feeder.
  • Open the feed basket and fill it with the food.

Tap the video of hygger 082 fish feeder show:

How to Use the Intelligent Fish Feeder?

You can control your intelligent fish feeder with the mobile application. Here’s how you can use it.


Click on the feature tab. It’ll allow you to enable night vision mode.


It is the most used feature. It allows you manual and automatic feeding options.

In manual feeding, select the number of feedings, i.e., 1 feeding = 1 gram, and press feed for instant feeding.  For automatic feeding, schedule your feed. You can also record it. It’ll help you when you’re out on vacation or busy somewhere.


You can see the notification, i.e., low feed, feed successfully. You can use the microphone to write the message.


You can take a picture with the camera and save the video by clicking the video camera icon.

Connect fish feeder to phone

Connect fish feeder to phone

How Often Do You Feed a Fish?

Usually once or twice a day when you feed a fish. However, feeding frequency changes according to the fish type and growth stage. Here are feeding frequencies for different fish growth stages.

Size Feeding Frequency
Babies and Grazers 3 to 5 times a day
Growing Fish Twice a day
Adult Once a day, even skip a day or two meals
Larger Fish Can live without food for several days

How to Prepare the Food for the Fish Feeder?

Check the fish food preference, i.e., powder, flakes, pallets, etc. Make sure that the food type does not clog the fish feeder. After checking the freshness, open the feeder lid and fill it up to capacity, i.e., 230 ml automatic fish feeder for aquarium. Tight the lid to maintain its freshness and avoid moistness.

How Often to Feed Betta Fish?

Betta fish require feeding twice a day, i.e., morning and evening. Feed your betta that it can consume within 5 minutes. A betta usually consumes 2 to 12 pellets in each meal. Adult bettas eat 2 to 3 pellets per day.

It’s hard to count the pellet each time. You can schedule the feed with the intelligent fish feeder by setting 1.8 grams per meal per fish.

fish feed and grow

Fish feed and grow

End of the Line

Automatic fish feeders for aquariums give freedom to aquarists and let them enjoy. Hygger’s 082 fish feeder is an advanced, remotely controllable device with many unique features. You can use this intelligently designed fish feed for manual or auto feeding, with food level in the bucket and monitoring by sharing 5 others.

Its 2K HD night vision camera lets you capture memorable pictures and videos. How to use this fish feeder to grow your fish, i.e., betta and others, is completely explained. Visit the following link to get more details about this innovative device.

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