Desktop Nano Fish Tank

4-gallon nano fish tank is very special in terms of fish tank dimensions. If you want to keep a couple of small nano fish, you could use hygger 4-gallon 3 in 1 nano fish tank to set up a little forest aquascaping. This cool glass fish tank kit comes with its filtration system, temperature probe,… View more

8 Gallon Fish Tank Kit

Thinking of keeping fish in the pandemic, but have no idea where to start? Today I am going to introduce to you an 8-gallon fish tank start kit. With this starter kit, you will have available the aquarium, the 3D background, water pump as well as light. Let me break down this starter kit to… View more

Hygger Hi-tech Fish-keeping Kit

Today I am going to introduce two high-tech hygger products to you. You can throw both your glass heater and poor quality light into the garbage. First of all, this Hygger fast-heating heater has a digital control with easy readout and is very accurate within 0.1 degree. Hygger fast-heating heater is a smart heater for… View more

Aquarium Starter Kit

As a leading aquarium products company on Amazon and worldwide, Hygger has hundreds of great products for our customers to choose from. As beginner hobbyists, people probably have no idea of what to buy in order to have an aquarium that can keep their fish alive. Some would wonder is there a package set for… View more