hygger High Efficiency AC DC Air Pump

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Powerful quiet AC/DC air pump 10W/18W for fishing yacht/power outages/hydroponic


1 x Air pump
2 x Air tube(2m)
2 x Check valve
2 x Air stone+1 Spare air stone
1 x Adapter
1 x User manual
1 x Air pump
1 x Main tube
1 x Check valve
1 x Diverter valve with 6 outlets
6 x Air tube(2m)
6 x Air stone+2 Spare air stone
1 x Adapter
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Professional Air Pump

Hygger high-efficiency air pump is suitable for a variety of environments such as small garden ponds, hydroponic planting, restaurant seafood tanks, and seafood trucks. The aerator pump can also support the oxygen supply of 4 or more small fish tanks at the same time. Recommended for breeding, 10W can be up to 40KG, and 18W can be up to 80KG.


Portable Handle & Display

10W air pump is 3.8Lb, 18W air pump is 5.7Lb. With a portable handle and rechargeable design, you can take it wherever you want. It is an ideal air pump for small ponds/fishing yachts/power outages/outdoor fishing/car trunks.

There is a digital display as a prompt, which makes the pump easy to use. The display shows the battery status/airflow level stage, with power on/off and a ‘- +’ adjustment button. Via the adjustable airflow control button, you can adjust the ‘- +’ keys within a range of 9 levels.

Portable AC DC air pump

AC DC Dual-purpose Pump

The high-efficiency air pump is usually plugged into the power adapter at home for use because AC and DC dual-purpose. When unplugged, powered by the air pump battery can be used for outdoor fishing, on a fishing yacht, or put in the trunk of a car.

Professional for Power Outages

When encountering bad weather, or you travel temporarily, or the power outages suddenly at home, etc. The hygger rechargeable AC DC air pump can help you. It will automatically switch to battery power when the power fails. Its min flow can be used for 100 hours, and the max can be used for 8 hours (single air stone experiment).

IPX6 Waterproof Pump

The adjustable aquarium aerator pump can be used outdoors in rainy weather. But avoid long-term exposure to moderate rain or above to prevent the built-in circuit and lithium battery from being damaged by water vapor. The Air pump has an adjustable airflow button with 9 stages. The 18W pump is also equipped with a divert valve to adjust the flow and close part of the air outlet.

18W aerator pump for small pond

Quiet Fish Tank Pump

Hygger 123 AC DC air pump design features: ABS high-quality plastic shell, high-density thickened, wear-resistant, double shock-resistant, sound-absorbing function, and low noise. The Shock-absorbing rubber feet make it more quiet. The inside all-copper motor with strong power promises a long life and stable operation. It is also equipped with a variety of basic accessories such as hoses, air stones, and check valves.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. IPX6 waterproof, but avoid long-term exposure to moderate rain or above
2. No use of the check valve (included), the air pump should be placed above the water level of the tank (about 9.8in)
3. The diverter valve can adjust the airflow, and can also close the air outlet of a single or more thin hose (Only 18W has this).

10W AC/DC Air Pump vs 18W AC/DC Air Pump

10W Pump has 2 regular small holes(0.2in).
18W Pump has a large hole(0.4in).

Both of the pump’s air outlet is made of all-copper material, which prevents oxidation, it is not easy to deform and is durable.


hygger AC DC air pump parameters

Additional information


10W-240GPH, 18W-300GPH

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    The perfect rechargeable air pump for fishing outdoor.

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