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The back filter has 3 types of water outlets for freshwater saltwater tanks

1 x Hang-on-back Canister Filter
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Multi-Function Filter

Hygger hang-on-back canister filter has 3 types of water outlets, which can add functional effects other than filtration. The filter is ideal for freshwater saltwater tanks.

-Rainshower pipe outlet: drip pipe water outlet, oxygenation, and more ornamental. The dispersed water flow hits the water surface and can also increase oxygen.
-Duckbill head water outlet: create waves at multiple angles. The water outlet direction of the duckbill head can be adjusted to control the water flow directionally.
-Straight outlet: water circulation with large flow. A large flow of water flows out directly, and the water in the tank is powerfully circulated.

Upgrade Filter

The hang-on filter’s motor pump is on the cover, it will not scare the fish with the fully enclosed filter box and vibration-absorbing fixed buckle, overall low decibel work. With the anti-dry burning design, the all-copper motor water pump has a longer life.

If the temperature is too high, it will auto-off to prevent dry burning damage to the pump. The height of the inlet pipe can adjust, and the pipe with a sponge cover at the bottom to prevent small fish and shrimps from being sucked away during operation.

Filtration Principle

After the power is on, the built-in pump generates power to form a filtered water cycle. First, dirty water is sucked in from the bottom of the water inlet pipe, and a small amount of water with an oil film enters the oil skimmer port. The dirty water flows to the filter box, passes through three filter media, completes the filtration cycle, and then clean water flows out of the outlet pipe.

Easy to use

The entire filter body is not placed in the tank and does not occupy the space of the aquariums, only one water inlet pipe is in the tank. It is suitable for small space tanks, landscaping tanks with aquatic plants and stones, or with fish that are afraid of the sound of motors. It can hang on the tanks, and the fixing clamp can be adjusted, it is suitable for tank glass thickness ≤ 0.7 inch (18mm), and can also be placed next to the fish tank without hanging.

Choose Suitable Size

The hanging-on filter tank design has a larger filter material volume box than usual.

5W aquarium filter, 0.22gal, 150g Ceramic Ball + black sponge + 8D Sponge, 79GPH suggest for ≤10gallon(≤40L) fish tank.

6W aquarium filter, is 0.3gal, 250g Ceramic Ball + black sponge + 8D Sponge, 100GPH suggest for 10~20 Gal (40~75L) fish tank.

7W aquarium filter, 0.5gal, 250g Ceramic Ball + black Sponge + 2*8D Sponge, 153GPH suggest for 20~40 Gal (75~105L) fish tank

8W aquarium filter, 0.6gal, 500g Ceramic Ball + black sponge + 2*8D Sponge, 180GPH suggest for 40~60 Gal fish tank.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

*The back canister filter is not suitable for low-water turtle tanks.

Note: When used for the first time, if there is air in the pipe, there will be noisy water flow in the early stage of operation, but it will disappear after running for some time.


Hang-on-back Canister Filter Parameter

Additional information


5W <10 Gal, 6W 10-20 Gal, 7W 20-40 Gal, 8W 40-60 Gal

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  1. Madison

    I got the 8W for my 50 gallon cichlid tank, it comes with lots of ceramic pellets, and filtering the water clear, a nice filter.

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