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Hi guys, thanks for stopping-by! Do you want to try our latest products free of charge? In order to design the most cost-effective products for the fish hobbyists, we have started this column for you and let you become the first batch of users of our latest products.

The product under testing now is our 60GPH aquarium filter & water changer which can also drain water like a small fountain to oxygenate the aquarium water.


  • Dirty water enters from the filter side;
  • The water will first pass through the 3 layers of filter plates;
  • Then water passes through the sponge filter box again;
  • Clean water enters the filter inside;
  • Then by water pump flows out through front outlet or rotatable outlet tap.


Our Innovative water exchange design allows for quick and easy water changes. Rotate the outlet tap to change the water out of the tank by the included hose(47.2in).

But only part of the water can be replaced. Hygger fish tank filter meets the scientific fish farming, all the water will not be pumped away, allowing the fish to adapt.


  • Pull out the outlet tap;
  • Remove the top cover;
  • Take out the small accessories;
  • Install back cover and outlet tube;
  • Install the fountain accessory head on the water change tube. After plugging in the power, aquarium filter will be an effect similar to a small fountain. The flow of water will also increase dissolved oxygen in the aquarium.


Power of water pump:110V 60Hz 3W; Max flow rate: 60GPH; Suitable tank size: less 16 Gallon(0.15-0.28in thick tank ); Filter material:3 layers of filter plates(activated carbon) and sponge filter.

Mechanical and biological filtration cycles more than 6 times per hour to maintain a clean aquatic environment.


This water change filter pump is the latest design. In addition to the powerful filtering function to bring you a clean and clear fish tank, its unique rotating outlet tap can meet your water change function needs, hygger fish tank filter is multi-purpose.

The additional small outlet tap plug create a small fountain effect in the fish tank, adding visual enjoyment while filtering.

Please kindly let us know which products in this column that you would like to try by writing to We are going to ship the products to you free of charge.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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