Product Review Program from Hygger

Born for fish, Hygger dedicates to producing middle and high-end aquarium equipment for fish enthusiasts since 2017, becoming the top three aquarium brands in the world now.

With strong innovation awareness and ability, the researchers and technicians have mastered fishing keeping expertise and specialized in producing helpful aquarium equipment for fish hobbyists.

hygger partners

We have received hundreds of feedback from professional aquarium creators, which are great value for us to improve our products. To produce more exquisite products for aquarium hobbyists, we sincerely invite professional creators to test our products and share using experience.

The professional creators should be qualified in the following aspects:
1. Have a YouTube account with subscribers over 2K or an Instagram account with followers over 5K.
2. Post a product review video on your channel
3. The video should be expected with over 1.5K views on YouTube or over 3K views on Instagram.

If you are interested in testing our product, please kindly fill in the following form. We will email you to discuss details if we think we can collaborate.

Thanks for filling in the info and show your interest in collaborating with us. We will contact you asap if you are qualified to review our products.