Hygger Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

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Taking care of your fish with programmable time and portion with automatic fish feeder!

Package includes
1 x Auto Fish Feeder
1 x User Manual

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Product Features

Feed your fish on schedule

Hygger Automatic Fish Feeder can automatically dispenses food for your outdoor fish on scheduled time when you’re away from home, weatherproof and safe from wildlife. The indicator light turns on blue when the device is in manual or automatic feeding. The indicator light keeps flashing when it stops. The picture below shows the scheduled feeding time by factory settings.

Easy to read LCD display controller with clock

With built-in controller, this auto fish feeder can program up to 6 feeding times per day, 0-9 portions per time depending on your preference. Each portion will last for 8 seconds. It also has manual feeding button for instant feeding. So easy to program.

Last up to a few weeks

With a full load of food, the storage bin has 5.5 litre capacity which can feed your fish for several weeks, depending on how many fish you have and how big they are. Ideal for 4-10 mm pellets or sticks food, not for flake food! It comes with 2 shaped sliders for your feeding requirements. Sliders with dense grooved rings can dispense less food for your fish.

Memory function

Memory function enable to restore previous settings.

No Battery Needed

It comes with a 16-foot long electric wire. No battery and less maintenance is needed. Large feeder measures 20.7″ L × 14.2″ H. Storage food bin measures 10.6″ H × 7″ Dia, which can hold fish food up to 5 lbs.

Designed for koi pond

This auto feeder require tools (drill and screwer) to be mounted at the pond’s edge (wooden or stone floor). Constructed with metal and ABS plastic, it is resistant to bad weather. The lid is easy to refill and safe from wildlife.

Directions for Use

1. Fix the base on wooden / stone floor / ceramic tile with screws.
2. Connect the base with the fixed tube.
3. Screw fixed tube with the bracket.
4. Connect it with food container.
5. Tighten up the feeder cover and the feed nozzle.
6. Connect it with the controller.

Tips to better use the automatic fish feeder

1. Please don’t submerge the fish feeder under water.
2. Please install the automatic pond feeder base on a hard flat ground, use a drill to drive 4 screws into the ground.
3. Before you changing the screw stem, please make sure the food container is empty and the feeder is unplugged.
4. The indicator light on the controller will be on when the feeder is in manual feeding or auto feeding mode, it will flicker when feeder is not in feeding model.
5. The fish food you put into the feeder should not weigh over 5 pounds.
6. Don’t put your hand inside the fish food container.
7. If you want to stop the auto feeding, please press “OK” button.


Brand: Hygger
Package Dimensions : 15.66 x 12.32 x 7.75 inches; 5 Pounds
Operation Mode: Automatic

1 review for Hygger Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

  1. Kyle

    Really like this new feeder, it can feed several times a day and you can control how much you feed with two different augers. We experimented with the two augers and how many spins we want to get the amount of food we wanted. Then we set the times to feed and it just works. We use our only when we’re traveling, so we do not need help from our neighbors anymore.

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