hygger Reptile Humidifier

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Humidifier has anti-dry and auto shut-off protection for reptiles

2 x Suction cups
1 x 6.5 ft flexible adjustable tube
1 x Temperature and humidify sensor
1 x Spare atomizing chip
1 x Perforated sucker
1 x User Manual

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Dual Security Protection

hygger reptile humidifier has anti-dry and auto shut-off protection. It allows you to easily control the humidity. The automatic shut-off function ensures the maximum safety of the reptiles. It is ideal for reptiles including ball pythons, chameleons, snakes, geckos, water dragons, frogs, hermit crabs, mushrooms, small grow tents, planted tanks, etc.

Ultrasonic Mist System

Hygger reptiles humidifier uses a ceramic disk with high-frequency vibration that causes water to break into countless tiny droplets, which vaporize into the air into a fog-like cloud. It creates a relaxing mist by just blowing out the small mist through the fan, with no chemicals, and no dry ice needed.

Anti-Dry Protection

The reptile humidifier has an external sensor and intelligent control system, the fogger will automatically stop working when there is not enough water or reach the preset humidity value. If the ambient humidity is lower than the setting, the machine will fog again.

Constant humidity mode

Constant Humidity Mode

With a 4L/1.06gal large capacity, it can continuously run for up to 26 hours under the lowest mist level. The humidity range is between 5% to 90% and the humidity deviation is ±3%RH. The Temperature range is from 0℃~99℃/32℉~210℉, and the temperature deviation is ±1℃.

Top-Fill & Easy to Cleans

The reptile mist humidifier is designed with a one-step top filling and a large opening for convenience adding distilled water without turning the water tank over, just need to lift the lid and can easily put your hands into it, and scrub all corners to wholly clean the reservoir.

Digital LED Display

The touch control panel can show the temp and humidity in real-time, and there is an indicator light to show the working status. You can easily operate with the function buttons.
①3 fog levels choice: 150 ml/h low mist, 220 ml/h middle mist and 280 ml/h high mist output.
②10 adjustable humidity levels from 45% to 90%.
③ Four timer periods (1/2/4/8 hours) to choose from.

Flexible Hose & 2 In 1 Measure

Equip with a 6.5-foot length of extendable hose, you can easily adjust the tube length and securely fix it on the tank wall with two suction cups. The external temperature and humidity sensor can accurately detect changes in humidity and temperature inside the terrarium.

humidifier timer mode

Directions for Use

Useful Tips

Easy to Install and Use

1. Insert the hose into the outlet
2. Use the suction cups fixed
3. Place the sensor into the tank, and detect temperature and humidity precisely

Fault & Troubleshooting

1. Check whether it is stuck
2. Check whether it is dirt on the host
3. Check whether the atomizer chip damaged
4. Check if there are any spills from the fan exhaust

Don’t bend the hose when in use


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1 review for hygger Reptile Humidifier

  1. Pinky

    I originally got this for my mushrooms. The mushroom set ups on the market are very expensive so I looked into this option which is perfect because it keeps my humidity levels where they need to be at on a budget. I also use a still air box to contain the fog. It’s awesome!! I read all the reviews for this machine and was kind of skeptical on buying it at first, which I’m glad I did buy this. It works perfect!

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