hygger Marine Fluorescent Feeding Ring

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Feeding ring prevents fish food from scattering and reduces food waste

1 x Feeding ring
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Reduce Excess Debris in Tank

Instead of sprinkling the fish food all across the top of your aquarium, the hygger feeding ring gives the food a specific area. It restricts the fish food from floating into the water. Makes fish eat at a fixed place to ensure that every fish can eat food and prevent less friendly fish from grabbing other people’s food. Fewer pieces of wayward food mean a clearer tank.

Reduce Fish Food Waste

The feeding ring prevents fish food from scattering. Placing flakes into a specified area means you can control the dispersion of food, and the fish do not need to chase food everywhere. This feeding ring improves feeding efficiency and reduces fish food waste, it limits debris and particles from floating into the filters, keeps the water clean, and reduces excess clutter throughout the tank. Allowing you to spend less money on maintaining tanks.

Prevent fish food waste

Safe and Quality Material

Hygger carefully selected materials for the fish ring. This fish food ring is made of high-quality acrylic, which is non-toxic and odorless, it is no pollutant to water and is not harmful to all aquatic pets. The high transparency allows you to better observe the feeding situation, and add beautiful scenery to the fish tank. The ring is firm, durable, and has a long service life.

hygger big feeding ring

Perfect for All Floating Fish Food

The feeding ring is specially designed for floating food not sinking food, you can add sprinkle pellets, flakes, or other floating fish food directly into the box. All sorts of floating foods can be put into the floating feeders, where they will remain until your fish are ready to eat.

Prevents Fish From Being Bullies

Fill the fish feeding box to attract your more aggressive fish to come and eat. Once they are occupied, add floating fish food to a second feeding box for the more timid fish to feed on. The edges of the feeder ring are rounded and do not hurt fish.

hygger 090 fish feeding ring

Easy to Install

The fish feeding ring is easy to install and operate. It can move up and down and can be firmly clamped to the edge of the fish tanks.
Simply clip the feeder to the edge of your fish tank, whose thickness is less than 0.8 inches. The clip is stable and not easy to slip, the height of the feeding box can be freely adjusted according to different water levels.

Fish feeding ring installation

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. Clip the feeder ring to the fish tank edge 0.3-0.8 inches
2. The ring thickness is 4mm
3. The edges of the feeder are rounded and no need to install anti-collision strips.


Marine Feeding Ring Specification

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  1. thecoralreeftalk

    Works better than I expected well build great magnet no food waste.

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