hygger Internal Protein Skimmer

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Protein skimmer removes organic waste and pollutants effectively for tanks up to 79 gallons

1 x Protein skimmer
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Powerful Performance

hygger saltwater protein skimmer comes with an ultra-quiet high-performance water pump for up to 79-gallon tanks. The adjustable skimmer height bracket is perfectly tuned to the water level of the skimmer.
hygger 092 Internal Protein Skimmer

The internal protein skimmer works by injecting small bubbles into the water column and effectively removes organic waste and other pollutants from saltwater aquariums. Adaptable for both hang-on aquarium mounting or in-sump tank setup.

Better Processing Power

Features a self-priming pump, the internal protein skimmer is powerful and silent with a 264gph water flow. The random twirling & turbulent flow are eliminated & a stable laminar flow is created inside the skimmer reaction chamber. Its pinwheel impeller combines air and water to create fine bubbles, these microbubbles aid in capturing the proteins.

The protein skimmer features a modern needle-wheel pump that produces rich foam by mixing air and water to maximize energy efficiency.

High Efficiency

The cone body extends through the collection cup, has an easy bubble transition, and maximizes skimmer efficiency. Its separate design allows you to easily hold and transport the collection cup for cleaning, and forces waste to be foam fractioned out efficiently.

Prevents Overflowing

The skimmer’s pump micro-adjustable valve prevents the potential overflowing, which the traditional adjustments to outlet size or installation height can not effectively address. The regulating valve easily allows controlling the amount of air and water mixture in the saltwater protein skimmer.

Mico-adjustable Valve

The micro-adjustable valve provides precise control to concentrate the organic-rich foam and allows cleaned water to exit the skimmer chamber at its base, where it is fewer bubbles. You can set the desired level for moist or dry foam protein production based on your saltwater tank needs.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Tips: A new skimmer usually takes 3–5 days to break in.

For example, during the break-in period, excessive protein in the water may cause overflowing despite these adjustments. In such cases, the pump controller allows you to regulate the pump’s power more effectively and prevent overflowing.

Note: The internal protein skimmer can be used in the sump or with a hang-on mounting bracket. Before making a purchase, please make sure to confirm the installation dimensions and choose the correct model accordingly.

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hygger 092 skimmer parameter

1 review for hygger Internal Protein Skimmer

  1. Lorna

    45 gallon JBJ. Fits right in the compartment. You can level it. Skimming to perfect level within 24 hours. Had this skimmer in a 40 breeder tank update 3 months. Low volume on fish more corals. Works really well for the price

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