What Are the Best Small Heaters of Hygger

Fish can not produce their body heat but depend on their living environment. Hence, adding an aquarium heater may be vital, though in the summer. With over 10 years experience of in aquariums, hygger has established its own unique research in aquarium equipment. Then, as a professional aquarium brand, what are the best small heaters of hygger? Just continue reading.

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Overview of hygger small heaters

In the table below, we will make a comparison of four hygger small heaters. Before getting started, here are things you should know in advance. We will mention four small heaters – respectively are hygger 916, 943, 045, and 031 aquarium heaters.

  • 916 aquarium heater: A mini aquarium heater for 1-13 gallon tanks.
  • 943 aquarium heater: A 5 gallon water heater for 5-30 gallon aquariums.
  • 045 aquarium heater: A titan water heater for 1-20 gallon tanks.
  • 031 aquarium heater: A mini heater for 1-26 gallon tanks.
916 heater 943 heater 045 heater 031 heater
Power 50W/100W 50W/100W 15W/25W/50W/100W 10W/25W/50W/100W
Ideal tank size 1-13 gallon 5-30 gallon 1-20 gallon 1-26 gallon
Feasible tank types Freshwater & saltwater tanks The same The same The same
Temperature ranges 63-94℉ (17-34℃) 68-90℉ (20-33℃) 59-93℉ (15-34℃) 59-93℉ (15-34℃)
Temperature accuracy ±1℉ ±2℉ ±1℉ ±1℉
Have a built-in thermometer? Yes Yes Yes Yes

Know more about hygger small heaters

After having a quick look at the hygger small heaters review, this segment will list more details about those small heaters. After reading, hope you can get the perfect one for your tank.

916 aquarium heater


Covered with a protective case, the mini aquarium heater is made of high-quality quartz glass and waterproof double-seal material. Besides, there is a LED digital display to show the real-time water temperature. And the external temperature controller avoids getting your hands wet. Also, The strong suction cup makes the heater suitable for turtle and betta tanks. And with an ABS heater guard, the heater is safe to use.


  • Dry-run protection: Once the heater is out of the water, it will turn off automatically.
  • Automatic shut-off system: The heating indicator light is red while the fully submersible mini heater is running within the desired water temp you set. And the heater will automatically shut off when it reaches the set temp.
  • It has a built-in thermometer.
  • Can be used in glass, acrylic, plastic tanks, fish bowls, and square tanks.
  • It can be used in low water level heating.


  • It can not be buried under the substrate, like gravel and sand.
  • The LED display shows Fahrenheit only.
045 water heater

045 water heater

943 aquarium heater


The 5 gallon water heater is made of heat-resistant quartz glass, which is explosion-proof and shatter-resistant. And the heater uses white alundum sand as the heat-conducting media, which makes the heater good thermal conductivity. Moreover, the 943 heater is a mini compact heater that is ideal for small and medium fish tanks (about 5-30 gallons), especially the betta aquariums. And you can hide it in your tank easily. Additionally, the heater has a heating indicator light. When the heater is heating, the light will be red. And if the heater stops heating, the indicator light will be off.


  • Automatic on & off: You can set a water temp, and then the heater will maintain the temp intelligently. It will stop heating when the water temp reaches the set temp. While it will also restart heating when the water temp is 1-2℉ below the set temp.
  • A built-in thermometer: It allows the heater to detect the water temperature. And there is no need to buy another separate thermometer.
  • Overheat protection: The heater will automatically turn off when the water temp is over 90℉.


  • 943 heating rod can not be buried in the substrate.

045 aquarium heater


Hygger 045 is a titan water heater. Featuring a slim flat profile and two strong suction cup mounts, the titan heater is space-saving and can be easily hidden behind the filter, wood, rock, or other aquarium decorations. Also, there is a built-in shatter-proof quartz tube wrapped with two heating element mica plate and nickel wire, along with high-impact plastic housing. It ensures the safety of the aquatic pets in tanks. And the detachable case prevents debris or water scale from clogging up inside the heater. Furthermore, the external knob enables you to set the temperature easily.

Aside from that, the heating indicator light will turn red when the heater is heating. And once the temp reaches the set point, the light will turn green.


  • Shut off automatically: When the heater is out of the aquarium or the water temp exceeds the set point, the titan heater will shut off automatically. It keeps your aquatic pets from damage.
  • Easy to clean: The heater guard and heating element are easy to detach.
  • It is best for turtle tanks, batta fish tanks, planted tanks, shrimp tanks, office desktop fish tanks, and small home tanks.


  • Can not touch the sand or gravel.
031 mini heater

031 mini heater

031 aquarium heater


031 mini heater is a portable one with LED digital display. It is made of 2 mm thickened quartz glass, which is resistant to an explosion, corrosion, and insulation. And it protects your aquatic pets from punching and scalding. In addition to this, the mini heater also has a heating indicator light. While heating, the indicator light is red. And the light will turn blue when it stops heating.


  • Memory function: It can maintain the setting when the power is back on.
  • Dry run & overheating protection: The mini heater will stop heating automatically when the water temperature exceeds 93℉, the heater is exposed to air, or the temperature reached the set point.
  • LED digital display & external controller: You can check the real-time water temperature. And adjust the temp without wetting your hands.
  • You can switch the temp display to ℉ or ℃.
  • Ideal for small fish tanks and turtle tanks.
  • It takes up less space and is easy to hide in a tank.


  • For indoor use only, not in the bathroom.

Do small heaters use a lot of electricity?

As you can see above, the small heaters usually are 15W, 25W, 50W, and 100W, which are low-power. Generally, heaters small are excellent alternatives for small fish tanks. They consume less energy to heat the aquarium water and maintain the ideal water temperature. Actually, small heaters will not use a lot of electricity. On the contrary, they work efficiently and help you save on electric bills.

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After reading, which one gains your favor? No, or looking for a better one? Please pay attention to the new release. There are other developing aquarium heaters. Any other questions, welcome to leave messages to Need Help or contact us.

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