Which Type of Heater is Best for Tiny Tanks

Adding an aquarium heater is only necessary for large aquariums. The brief and definitive answer is NO. Sometimes, you do also need to add an aquarium heater for small tanks, such as 1 gallon fish tank, etc. Next in this article, we will discuss whether small fish tanks need heaters and which type of heater is best for tiny tanks. Let’s get down to business.

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Do small fish tanks need heaters

The aquatic pets you keep determining whether your small fish tanks need heaters. As for cold water fish, an aquarium heater may be not necessary. However, sometimes adding an aquarium heater in small fish tanks is vital. For instance, when you keep tropical fish in the fish tanks, such as bettas, neon tetra, and guppy. Because they need table warm water. Adding a heater provides a habitable water temperature for fish. Then they can live happily and comfortably. However, fish may suffer health problems because of frequent water temperature fluctuations without a heater.

Heat a small aquarium

In addition to adding the best aquarium heater for small tanks, there are other ways to heat a small aquarium or keep a fish tank warm.

  • Place your fish tank in warm areas: A higher level in your home and no drafty area are better choices, while sunny areas are the best.
  • Add a tank hood: It prevents the cold airflow from entering the fish tank.
  • Insulate your fish tank: Cover your aquarium glass with something like insulation film.
  • Add hot water containers to your tank: It is a temporary remedy and not feasible for sensitive fish.
  • Change water with warm water: Mix clean water with some fresh boiling water.
  • Warm your fish tank with brighter lights: You can place your fish tank under sunlight or set brighter aquarium lights. It is a temporary remedy when the heater is out of use, and you may need to deal with algae thriving.
  • Add a heating pad: It is ideal for small fish bowls.
  • Add an aquarium filter: The filter can remove waste or substances that would lower the water temperature. Also, adding a filter avoids stagnant water in your tank.

Mini portable heater VS Tiny Titan Water Heater

In this segment, we will briefly overview the pros and cons of the 031 mini heater and 045 titan water heater. Then you can have a general understanding of the two heaters for small tanks.

A brief overview of 031 and 045 heaters

031 heater 045 heater
Power 10W / 25W / 50W / 100W 15W / 25W / 50W / 100W
Ideal tank size 1-26 gallon 1-20 gallon
Feasible tank types Freshwater & saltwater tanks Freshwater & saltwater tanks
Temperature ranges 59-93 ℉ (15-34 ℃) 59-93 ℉ (15-34 ℃)
Temperature accuracy ±1 ℉ ±1 ℉
Have an indicator light? Yes Yes
Have a built-in thermometer?  Yes Yes

Pros and cons of 031 and 045 heaters

031 mini heater 045 titan water heater
  • Quartz glass heater: It is made of 2 mm thickened quartz glass, which is resistant to explosion, corrosion, and insulation.
  • LED digital display: You can check the real-time water temperature.
  • External controller: You can adjust the water temp without wetting your hands.
  • Memory function: It can maintain the setting when there is a power outage.
  • Dry run & overheat protection: The mini heater will stop heating automatically when the heater is exposed to air, or the water temperature reaches the set point or exceeds 93℉.
  • Super mini size: It takes up less space and is easy to hide in tiny tanks.
  • Ideal heater for small tanks, betta tanks, and turtle tanks.
  • You can switch the temp display to ℉ or ℃.
  • Safe to use: It has a built-in shatterproof quartz tube wrapped with two heating element mica plates and nickel wire, along with high-impact plastic housing.
  • LCD: You can monitor the real-time water temperature.
  • External knob controller: You can set the water temp without wetting your hands.
  • Memory function: When you unplug the heater, it will memorize the last setting.
  • Dry run & overheat protection: When the heater is out of aquariums or the water temp exceeds the set point, or 93℉, the heater will shut off automatically.
  • Tiny heater: It is space-saving and easy to hide in small tanks.
  • It is best for turtle tanks, batta fish tanks, home planted tanks, shrimp tanks, office desktop fish tanks, and home tiny tanks.
  • Easy to clean: The heater guard and heating element are easy to detach.
  • It can be placed vertically or horizontally at the bottom of gravel-free aquariums.
  • For indoor use only, not in the bathroom.
  • It does not have housing.
  • Can not touch the sand or gravel.

What kind of heater do I need for my tiny tank?

Aside from holding fish in fish tanks, you can also keep other aquatic pets, like semiaquatic turtles, frogs, and lizards. Nonetheless, how to choose the best aquarium heater for small tanks? You should first know what are the aquatic pets in your tank. Take turtle tanks as an example, the heater should be resistant to explosion and shatter. Safe to use is significant. Accordingly, the tiny Titan water heater is an excellent alternative. It has a built-in shatterproof quartz tube wrapped with two heating element mica plates and nickel wire, along with a high-impact plastic housing. Consequently, it is safe to use it to maintain a proper water temp in a turtle tank.

Sum up

To conclude, you should choose an aquarium heater according to the fish tank size, the aquatic pets in the tank, or others. In general, a small aquarium heater with low power is suitable for a tiny tank.

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That’s all for today. For more hygger small aquarium heaters, stay tuned to our new release. Finally, thanks for your reading.

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