hygger Aquarium Tiny Titan Water Heater

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Tiny titan water heater with thermostat for 1-20 gallon tanks, it is best for turtle tanks/betta fish tanks/offices desktop fish tanks, or small home tanks

Product includes:
1 x Heater rod with an external controller
1 x User manual

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Great For Small Aquariums

The hygger titan water heater has a slim flat profile that measures 4.3″x 1.8″x 0.9″, it is quite space-saving and easy to hide behind filter/wood/rock with two strong suction cup mounts. The flat design allows it can be placed vertically or horizontally at gravel-free aquarium bottom to heat up low water levels in turtle tanks or other shallow tanks as long as the heater rod is fully submerged. The tiny heater is for saltwater or freshwater aquariums 1–20 gallons, such as betta tank, turtle tank, shrimp tank, and planted tank.

Safe Rugged Construction

As a tiny titan compact water heater, there is a built-in shatterproof quartz tube wrapped with two heating element mica plate and nickel wire, along with high-impact plastic housing, hygger titan water heater ensures the safety of your aquatic pets while maintaining a proper temperature. Two strong suction cups keep it stay in place. The detachable case prevents debris or water scale from clogging up inside and affects its function.

How to install the tiny heater

External Knob Controller

The knob controller allows a quick set temperature without getting hands wet, especially in winter, the adjustable wide temperature range is 59 °F to 93 °F in 1-degree increments. When you unplug it to change the water, the Titan heater will memorize the last setting.

At-A-Glance Temperature LCD

Monitor water temperature at a glance with the digital readout. The Titan heater rod shows real-time water temperature and indicator light. It will be red when heating, a green light when the proper temperature has been reached.

hygger 045 tiny titan heater

Auto Shut Off

When the heater is out of the water, the auto shut-off feature ensures overheat protection to keep your livestock from damage. It will auto-turn off before exceeds the desired temperature.

Easy to clean

Shatterproof plastic guard protects fish/turtles from impact and making contact, it is easy to detach the heater guard to clean the heating element.

Directions for Use

If anything goes wrong, an error code will remind you to fix it.

Use Tips

1. Error code “Er” means the water level dips too low, you have to place the heater deeper.
2. The cord length: 6 1/2 foot
3. We suggest cleaning the heater rod monthly.


hygger 045 heater parameters

Additional information


15W for 1-2.5 Gal, 25W for 2-5 Gal, 50W for 5-10 Gal, 100W for 10-20 Gal

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1 review for hygger Aquarium Tiny Titan Water Heater

  1. Elias

    I’m quite satisfied with the heater’s performance. Using this heater for my 3 gallon betta tank. I put the heater in the tank and have been watching it for the last six hours and it has been steady at 78°. He seems to be happier and active. As long as you follow the instructions exactly, it is a good heater for a smaller tank.

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