hygger Quartz Tube Aquarium Heater

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Quartz tube heater is suitable for 5 gallons to 280 gallons of saltwater and freshwater tanks

1 x Quartz tube heater with LED digital controller
1 x 3 pcs suction cups
1 x User Manual

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Durable Stable Quartz Tube Heater

hygger quartz tube heater has the most durable stable double quartz tubes, it is suitable for 5 gallons to 280 gallons tanks, ideal uses for marine saltwater and freshwater fish tanks, turtle tanks, small ponds, and so much more. The aquarium heater is designed to prevent dry burning & over-temperature alarm protection, memory, and intelligent constant temperature functions.
hygger 1200W aquarium quartz tube heater

Memory Function & Auto Heating

When power is cut, the quartz tube heater will maintain the temperature settings until the power is turned on again. When the current water temperature is 1°F/1°C below the set temperature, the light will flash and start heating. But it will restart heating when the water temp less than 93℉.

Temperature Protection

When the water temp is over 95℉, the quartz tube aquarium heater will auto-stop heating, the LED will flash “HH” and beep. It will start heating when the current water temperature is 1°F/1°C below the setting temperature.

Multifunction LED Controller

The intelligent constant temperature digital display controller is easy to operate and can show the current water temp and setting temp. Pressing the “+” or “-” button to set your desired temp, you can change ℃/℉ easily via the controller.

Overheating & Leaving Water Alarm Protection

The quartz tube heater’s temperature range is 59℉-93℉, and its accuracy is ±1℉. When the heater is 5cm above water level, it will shut off, and the LED flashes “E1” and beeps. It will restart heating when the heater is fully immersed in water.
hygger heater over heat protection

Quickly Heating & Safe & Durable

The quartz tube aquarium heater is made of ABS guard, the high-temperature resistant nickel-chromium wire with silicon carbide thermal conductivity, and the heating element is explosion-proof quartz. The aquarium heater is stable, efficient, safe, and durable with a longer service life and longer heating function.

Directions for Use

Useful Tips

1. Please immerse the heater completely in water, do not bury it in sand or expose it to air.

2. When it is necessary to stop working, disconnect the power socket and wait for 15 minutes before changing the water or removing the quartz tube heater.

3. The external temperature controller must be kept away from the water as it is not waterproof.

4. We recommend that the heater be installed underwater near the water intake, either vertically or horizontally. But vertical placement doesn’t take up much space.

5. Please use the wave maker or circulating pump for the fish tank. Good water circulation helps the heat to be evenly dispersed.

6. It is necessary to clean and clean the heating plate regularly. If impurities are attached to the heating plate, the heating efficiency will be reduced.
Heater for saltwater freshwater tank


hygger 102 quartz tube heater parameters

Additional information


100W for 5-40 Gallon, 200W for 10-55 Gallon, 300W for 25-80 Gallon, 500W for 60-135 Gallon, 800W for 80-220 Gallon, 1000W for 110-240 Gallon, 1200W for 130-280 Gallon

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  1. julie

    Works amazing, gonna purchase another when i upgrade my kois tank.

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