hygger Aquarium Quartz Heater

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Quartz heater heats quickly and conducts heat evenly for marine and freshwater tanks

Product includes:
1 x Heating rod
1 x Controller holder
1 x Hook
3 x Suction cup (1pc spare part is included)
1 x User manual

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Rapid Heating System

Hygger aquarium heater is made of explosion-proof quartz glass, high-temperature resistant nickel-chromium electric heating wire, and quartz sand thermal conductive material. It heats quickly and conducts heat evenly to keep temperatures at +/- 1 degrees, it is double explosion-proof, and more reliable to use.
hygger 1200W quartz heater

Digital LED Display Controller

This external temperature controller can display the set temperature and current water temperature. You can press the set button to set the target temperature between 59-93℉. The running red light means the heater is heating, and the white light means the water temperature has reached the set temperature. The current power and error codes on the LED screen are clear at a glance, allowing you to know the working status of the aquarium heater accurately.

Comprehensive Protection Aquarium Heater

Hygger aquarium heater has 3 intelligent protectors to avoid damage to the heater and its circuitry.
① Off-water warning: it will flash “auto shut off” and automatically stop heating when the heater is not completely submerged.
② Overheating warning: it will flash “HH” and automatically stop heating when the temperature is higher than 95°F.
③ Low-temperature warning: it will flash LL” and sound an alarm when the temperature is below 58°F.

Memory Function & Easy to use

There is no need to reset the temperature after a power outage as the fish tank heater will auto-remember the temperature setting, so it is more convenient to unplug and change the tank water. The heater comes with suction cups and a mounting bracket. It is recommended to place the heater at a 30-45° angle and use it with a water circulation system for more accurate temperature in tanks.
Quartz heater applications

hygger Big Quartz Fish Tank Heater

The 1200W heater is suitable for 160-280 gallons tank, it is ideal uses for marine saltwater and freshwater fish tanks, turtle tanks, tropical fish tanks, small ponds, and so much more.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Please select the appropriate wattage aquarium heater according to the size chart. hygger offers a 12-month warranty, if you have any problems with the heater in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to help you solve it.


hygger 115 heater parameter

Additional information


300W for 50-80 Gallon, 500W for 66-135 Gallon, 800W for 80-220 Gallon, 1000W for 130-260 Gallon, 1200W for 160-280 Gallon

3 reviews for hygger Aquarium Quartz Heater

  1. Chris G

    I have had many 1000+ watt heaters and find Hygger’s to be easy to set up right out of the box. Setting the temperature is intuitive and the digital display is quite nice, it literally shows the watts being used while the heater is on. The outer case makes it so my animals (sting rays) will not burn themselves, even if laying directly on it. I will be switching over to these 1000 and 1200 watt heaters.

  2. Woody H.

    This heater works great for my 50 gallon corner aquarium. I live im new England and the tank is a long am outside wall and the tank temp are steady. I had a small problem that was not repairable and the company sent a replacement free of charge. They stand behind their products. Highly recommend.

  3. Josh

    This is a compact, workhorse of a water heater that has kept my fishies alive and very happy. The cold front jumped up on us and I wasn’t quite prepared without this and I thought all my warm-water fish were going to die. Thankfully they were just a little shell-shocked and when I got this heater in there, they have been very active and loving it.

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