hygger Aquarium Digital Mini Heater

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Mini heater has digital controller model and 5 key-button model for saltwater freshwater tanks

1 x Heater with controller
2 x Suction cups
1 x User manual

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Mini Heater Not Take Up Space

The digital mini heater can be installed horizontally or vertically in saltwater & freshwater tanks, it can be used in various small turtle and fish tanks such as Shrimp, Betta, Angelfish, Guppy, Swordfish, and Marie fish tanks, which can fully meet the mini tank needs. It has a digital controller model and 5 key-button models to choose from.

Designed For Mini Tanks

The heater is specifically designed for mini tanks and can be installed in any corner firm and stable by a strong suction cup. It can also be placed in some fish tanks with a narrow black back hidden compartment where the water pump filter material is placed.

Digital Display & External Controller

The heater has an adjustable LED digital external controller, can set the temperature between 68℉ – 90℉, and show the real-time temperature. Its working status can also be displayed, when the red light is on, it is heating, when the blue light is on, it has a constant temperature. The controller is larger and more convenient to use.

The 5 Key-button Model

Hygger heater 5 key-button model has 5 button options, the usage and settings are super simple and can meet most needs. Five temperatures can be set, they are 78℉, 82℉, 86℉, 90℉, 94℉ respectively. By pressing the button, the heater will heat up to the desired temperature.

hygger 083 easy to clean mini heater

High-Quality Material

The heater surface is Teflon, which is anti-corrosion and prevents rust. The outer shell is made of stainless steel and heats up more evenly. It is IPX8 waterproof and rejects leakage by adopting fully enclosed glue-filling technology.

Safe and Anti-burn

hygger digital mini heater is made of nickel-chromium electric heating wire material, it has higher thermal energy efficiency and then conducts heat through quartz glass, which effectively utilizes electrical energy to convert it into thermal energy, with long service life and uniform heating. The exterior is made of stainless steel material and Teflon, it is safe explosion-proof and anti-burn, anti-corrosion, and prevents rust.

Automatic Thermostat

When the water temperature reaches the specified value, the heater will stop heating, when it is lower than the set, it will start heating. The automatic constant temperature function saves electricity and reduces consumption. It also has a power-off memory function, so there is no need to set it again after a power outage.

Easy to Clean

There are no gaps in the heater shell, so don’t have to worry about getting stuck when using it in small fish tanks. The hygger mini heater is also easy to clean, as the surface is smooth and can be easily wiped clean with water. The power cord is 5.9 feet long (excluding the length of the controller), which avoids embarrassing situations caused by insufficient cord length during use.

Directions for Use

Useful Tips

Aquarium digital mini heater installation

1. Do not bury the mini aquarium heater in the sand, and make sure that the water surface is at least 2 inches above the heater.
2. Hygger 083 mini heater has 2 models: a digital controller model, and a 5 key-button model. Please choose the right user manual according to the model you get.


hygger 083 mini heater parameter

Additional information


15W-digital, 15W-key, 25W-digital, 25W-key, 50W-digital, 50W-key, 75W-digital, 75W-key

1 review for hygger Aquarium Digital Mini Heater

  1. Jerry

    This design of heater is much better with the u-shaped coils internally, leads to a much smaller footprint in the aquarium and much easier to hide. Its also much nicer then other heaters in that the “set” button is external, located midway down the wire, so there is no need to get your hands wet if you need to change the temperature.

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