Does the Heater Necessary in Aquariums in the Summer

The aquarium heater is to fish what the air conditioner is to humans. But unlike humans, fish can not produce their body heat. So to keep their body temperature, they have to depend on the water temperature. As a result, a heater in the aquarium seems extremely necessary. Because by this way, the water temperature gets controlled.

Today, we are going to talk about the necessity of an aquarium heater in the summer from several main points:

Discussion about the necessity of an aquarium heater in the summer

Online statistics show that 70% of respondents still use a heater in their aquarium in the summer. And 21% of respondents do not use an aquarium heater in the summer. Moreover, 8% of respondents sometimes use a heater in the summer. And there are also 2% of respondents chose the answer “other”.

Subjectively speaking, we can know from the survey that most people keep using an aquarium heater in the summer after they gain experience from their practice of cultivation.

As you can see from the picture above, there are some opinions from respondents. One holds that a heater allows him to keep a consistent temp in the tank, and the water may drop too low for the tropical fish with AC. And there is another one who says that living in Texas where the temp outside for the past week solid is over 100℉, air conditioning is a MUST so his tanks still need a heater.

There is also one in the Philippines proposing his opinion. He says that the Philippines is always summer, however, the temp of the tanks ranges from 86℉+ in the hot months to around 70℉ in the cooler months, fish are happy just riding nature, and no fast changes of course.

In summary, a heater could keep the water temperature stable, and in defect of the heater, you can use a fan, air conditioner, or ice packs to cool the water. Besides, due to the geographical differences, some regions need a heater in the summer, but some do not need indeed. And you can know when an aquarium heater is not needed from this article.

Why the heater is essential in aquariums in the summer

As you can see above, most people still choose a heater for the aquarium in the summer. From where they stand, a heater is necessary for aquariums in the summer. But objectively, there are also some points to explain the necessity.

  • The aquarium can warm up quickly

If your aquarium is beside a sunny window or you do not install an air conditioner in your room, the aquarium will warm up rapidly. Because even aquarium lights, including incandescent and halogen, can increase the water temp.

  • A stable water temp is important for fish

For fish, a stable water temp is beneficial for them to keep healthy. But actually, it is hard to keep a stable water temp in the fish aquarium, because the nearby temps go up in the summer.

  • Most fish are ectotherms

Fish rely on the environment around them to adjust their body temp. Whereas, the water temp of the fish aquarium can rise quickly due to the torrid heat in the summer. And because of this, fish can be extremely active. Based on this situation, if the water temp rises out of the ideal range, fish’s metabolism will speed up.

But in fact, any sudden alteration of water temp will put pressure on the fish. And it is proved fatal. Moreover, the fluctuating water temp can also bring a physiological impact on the fish.

To sum up, the heater is essential for aquarium because of its two main benefits:

  • Control the water temp and it is stable
  • Keep fish free from the influence of extreme weather

How to maintain a suitable temperature with a heater in the summer

Different fish species fit for different temp. So you need to know the exact water temp, if you can know the accurate water temp, you can adjust the temp more conveniently. In case of it, a thermometer is necessary so that you can check the temp whenever you want. And there are some tips for you.

  • Put the aquarium in the correct locations

If you put your aquarium beside the open window or air conditioner’s vent, the temp of your aquarium will go down because of the airflow from the window and vent. In addition, the midday sunshine shines through the window and hits your aquarium. The temp of your aquarium will go up quickly.

  • Keep temp automatically

Imagine that if you have a piece of equipment that automatically turns on when needed, but keeps closed at other times, it is convenient, right? So Hygger Aquarium Heater can exactly meet your needs! When the water temp is 0.5F-1F lower than setting temp, it will start to heat in energy-saving mode. Besides, when the water temp is 1F lower than the set temp, it will start to heat at full speed. In summary, it is a fully automatic smart thermostat.

  • Heating or cooling your aquarium

76-80℉ (25-27℃) is a good range of temp. But some species like several degrees warmer, and some other species prefer a few degrees cooler. Actually, Hygger Titanium Aquarium Heater is a good option because it sets a wide temperature range and is an automatic controller.

For tropical fish, a reliable heater plays a critical role during the coldest or hottest time of the year. To be honest, it is a good choice due to its advantages of overheating protection and external digital display controller.

When an aquarium heater is not needed

Although you have known that the heater is crucial for a fish tank, there are certain situations in which the tank does not need a heater.

  • There are no fierce weather changes and the weather is warm all the year.
  • If there is insulation, it can help keep the tank and room warm.
  • If you have tropical fish, whether you need an aquarium heater or not depends on how you keep your room warm. For example, if you place your aquarium in a room with a built-in heater, and the temp fits for fish, then a heater is not needed actually.

At present, I believe you have known an aquarium heater is not needed under the above situations. But it is better to use a heater to adjust the temp if the water temp fluctuates.


The heater is one kind of aquarium equipment that can adjust the living environment of fish tanks. As you can see from this article, we have shared some information about the necessity of an aquarium heater in the summer and the reasons for it. Besides, you can also know ways to maintain a suitable temperature with a heater in the summer and when you do not need an aquarium heater. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article and gained some information you want.

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