Hygger Aquarium Heater 300W



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Constant temperature function:
When the water temperature reaches the desired temperature value, the insulation indicator light shows green and heater stop heating. When the water temperature value is 2??F less than the desired temperature value,the heating indicator light shows red and heat the water. Over-temperature alarm function:
When the water temperature reach 36??C(97??C) accidentally, the temperature display screen flicker and the power load will be shut off. When the water temperature is less than 35??C(95??F), the heater will resume normal work automatically.
Abnormal alarm of temperature line:
When the probe line is broken accidentally or short circuit, display screen show fault report error””??””, shutoff the load power supply and stop heating meanwhile, and after troubleshooting, return to normal operation automatically.
Memory function of power failure:
Once power failure, the heater can still keep the desire temperature value set by the user when it starts again.


A. Place the heater as following diagram.

B. Press the “”SET”” button at a time, then the digital screen flashing, meanwhile the red indicator and green indicator is on. Press the “”SET”” button until reach your desired temperature value and waiting for 5S, then the digital screen shows water temperature, your setting is done. You can press the “”SET”” button persistently to display 63~93??F in a cycle.


After use of the heater, calcium carbonate contained in algae and breeding water such as moss may clump and adhere to the heater tube.
If dirt adheres to the heater tube, use a sponge or cloth and water to wipe it out early. Do not use alcohol or other medicines as this may damage the heater or damage the health of the breeding fish.
When used for a long time with the dirt attached, please be aware that it may cause failure due to the inability to control the temperature correctly.


Brand: Hygger


1 x ic temp controller with temp probe
1 x Quartz heater tube with sleeve
1 x User manual