hygger Aquarium Water Heater

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Energy-saving fish tank heater with over-temperature protection system.

Package includes:
1 x Aquarium water heater
1 x User manual

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The LED digital display controller

The three-digit controller displays real-time water temperature or sets the temperature. The water temperature displays accurately to 0.1 °F. This hygger aquarium water heater has 4 kinds of work instructions – Working / Malfunction / Thermostatic / Out of the water, which is easy to understand.


Rapid heating speed

Fastest 5 seconds warming for 60-180 gallon fish tank. The internal material is updated and upgraded with titanium steel material, which is safer to use, not easy to deform, and has very strong corrosion resistance. It will automatically reduce power when approaching the set temperature and fully utilizes thermal energy inertia to smoothly reach the set temperature.

Intelligent thermostat

Over-temperature protection prevents water from overheating. When the water temp exceeds about 93.5 °F, it starts alternately flashing the ‘EE’ fault code; if it is over 97 °F, the submersible water heater will stop heating automatically. When the water temperature cools down to 93 °F, the aquarium heater will start working automatically. In addition, it has a power-off memory function. No need to set it again.

Anti-dry protection

When the heating rod is exposed to air, it will display the ‘ER’ fault code, and the heater will shut off automatically. When the heating rod is completely immersed, it will start working automatically.

Directions for Use

1. When using this heating equipment, the heater should be submerged in water and should not be exposed to the water surface.
2. It is necessary to regularly clean the heating plate. If the heating plate is attached to impurities, the heating efficiency will be reduced. You can scrub the heater lightly with clean water once a month to keep good heating efficiency.

hygger 021 submersible water heater


Additional information


500W for 60-120 Gallon, 800W for 120-180 Gallon

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2 reviews for hygger Aquarium Water Heater

  1. Brian Pearce

    I bought one in December 2020 for my 90 gallon tank and it worked well until failed in November 2022. Not bad longevity I guess for an aquarium heater. I bought another to replace. Hopefully the new design lasts longer.

  2. Todd Lee

    I placed the 800w version in my wet/dry bio filter so it’s not seen.

    Works as advertised for a 180 gallon tank. happy customer

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