hygger Aquarium Mini Portable Heater

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Aquarium portable heater with LED digital display suitable for marine saltwater and freshwater tanks 1-26 gallons

Product includes:
1 x Heater with an external controller
1 x Suction cup
1 x User manual

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Aquarium Portable Heater

hygger aquarium portable heater has a 59-93F temperature range, for small glass or acrylic aquariums up to 26 gallons, it can be used for both freshwater and marine water, ideal for small fish tanks and turtle tanks. Whatever how small your tank is, you can find the right portable water heater here. The heater can switch the temp display to ℉ or ℃.


Memory Function

The portable water heater has a memory function that can maintain the setting when the power is back on.

Dry Run & Overheating Protection

When the water temperature exceeds 93 °F, the portable heater will stop heating; when the tank’s water level is lower than the minimum and the heater is exposed to air, the controller will display an error code “E1” and shut off automatically, but it will resume functioning when it is fully submerged again. It also will stop heating after reaching the set temperature.
The dry run and overheating ensure the aquarium inhabitants live safely at a suitable temperature.

Super Mini Aquarium Heater

This heater is “thumb size”, it is only 4.1″ -4.9″(10.5 cm-12.5 cm) in length. Great for nano tanks/betta/turtle tanks. The innovative super mini size perfectly solves the needs of small fish tanks. It takes up less space in the tank and is easy to hide in full power.

hygger 031 portable mini heater

Made with Premium Quartz

hygger aquarium mini heater is made of 2 mm thickened quartz glass. The quartz heating rod is resistant to explosion, corrosion, and insulation, it protects fish and other aquatic pets from punching and scalding.

LED Digital Display & External Controller

The LED digital display can observe the water temperature in real time; the temperature remote control allows you to avoid wet hands when adjusting the temperature.

Directions for Use

How to install the hygger 031 mini heater?

Install hygger 031 mini heater

Note: Please unplug the power and remove the portable heater first when cleaning the fish tank or changing the water.

Use Tips

1. Error code: HH-high temp; E1-out of water.


hygger 031 heater parameter

Additional information


10W for 1 to 5 Gal, 25W for 5-10 Gal, 50W for 8-16 Gal, 100W for 10-26 Gal

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1 review for hygger Aquarium Mini Portable Heater

  1. Benton

    Petite, but works amazing. Not as big as my palm. It is simple to set the temperature and maintains the temperature well. Heats the water up one degree in about 11 minutes and holds 78 in a 65 degree room easily. Suction cups are very strong and secure. To my surprise, I unplug for water changes and when plugged back in it remembers the prior setting.

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