Hygger Mini Glass Oblate Fish Bowl

Oblate shape fish bowl, it’s 7.9inch in height, 5.9inch in longer diameter, 3inch in shorter diameter. The glass aquarium fish bowl will not take much space, you can place it on the table, windowsill, shelf or anywhere you can see at first sight


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Perfect for Small Fish: The aquarium fits almost anywhere and is the perfect size for small fish!
Trendy Design: Optimum 360 degree viewing. Just fill with stones and plants to create an eye-catching display or for your small fish!
One-Piece Construction: Our stylish shaped tank is durable puts to rest any worries or concerns about possible leaks!
Easy to set up and maintain!


A.Unpack the fish tank.
B.Check parts according to the packing list. If anything is missing or cracked, please contact the seller.
C.Clean the tank with tap water. Do not use harsh chemicals not intended for aquarium use.
D.Rinse gravel and decor, then decorate your aquarium before adding water to avoid overflowing.
E.Fill the tank with room temperature tap water that has been treated with aquarium conditioner to remove chlorine.
F.Add fish after the tank has cycled.


Brand: Hygger
Package Dimensions : 12.95 x 10 x 5.83 inches; 3.97 Pounds


1 x Fish tank
1 x Plant
1 x 0.88 Pound stone
1 x User manual