How to Care for a Betta Fish in a Bowl

Compared to a large 100-gallon tank, a small 10-gallon bowl is really not worth mentioning, let alone a 1-gallon fish bowl.

A 1-gallon fish bowl is a small tank option and is unsuitable for most fish. There are a few options available that will suit a 1-gallon tank, though there are limitations on the number of fish appropriate for the small tank size.

Fish suitable for fish bowl

The top 10 best fish for a 1-gallon fish bowl, has these fish according to the latest data.

For example Betta Fish, Guppies, Tetras, White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Dwarf Pufferfish, Pygmy Corydoras, Dwarf Spotted Danio or Zebra Danios, Dwarf Platyfish, Salt and Pepper Pygmy Corydoras, Endlers Live Bearers.

betta fish in a bowl

keeping betta fish in a bowl

In general, a 1-gallon fish bowl is too small for fish, because the general rule for fish bowl size, is that a fish needs 1 gallon of water per 1 inch in length. Any fish that grows larger than 1 inch is too big to fit in the tank comfortably. Generally, the best fish for a fish bowl is a betta, because they are hearty and need separation from other fish.

Betta fish can tolerate a 1-gallon fish bowl. Since betta fish are both aggressive and small, keeping a single fish in a fish bowl is appropriate. For betta fish, the 1-gallon fish bowl is only appropriate if there is a single fish. For more than one fish, the bowl is too small, and the fish will attack each other.

In addition to that, other creatures you can keep in a fish bowl are shrimp, Snails, and Kuhli Loaches.

How to raise a betta fish in a fish bowl longer

1.  Water change: if there is no filter in the fish bowl, you should change the water once in two days or so, because the feces excreted by the small fish will pollute the water and make the small fish get sick.

2. Water plants: If there is no oxygenation or small equipment in the fish bowl, you should add plants to produce oxygen.

3. Oxygen: for the fish to breathe. Even if there is a mini air pump instead of adding water plants, it also looks better.

4. Tropical fish food: small fish should be used for special tropical fish food, do not choose large fish pieces.

5. Techlorinated water: must use dechlorinated water when changing the water for the bowl, add tap water for fish, the fish will not survive more than three days, because the tap water and chlorine, are toxic. Dechlorinated water has the effect of removing chlorine from the water and killing bacteria in the water. When you change the water, put two drops of dechlorinated water and stir well, then put the fish into the tank.

fish bowl 1 gallon

Place the aquarium near window ventilation and sunlight place. Pay attention to the stocking density, according to the size of the container, and reasonable arrangements, rather than less, not more. Because the indoor air does not have much circulation, more water easy to muddy and causes fish oxygen deprivation and death.

If there is a mini air pump that can raise more oxygen, you should open the air pump oxygen when the betta fish floating head phenomenon, especially at night, requires more oxygen.


Family fish bait used to live fish worms is ideal, water quality is not easy to change, feed dry fish worms, and synthetic pellet feed can also be. Now there are live fish worms for sale in the market, but it is troublesome to buy them every day. For the dried fish worms sold in the market, to choose fresher particles loose feeding fish, do not buy old and moldy dried fish worms. Artificial pellet feed to use full-price feed with complete nutrients is good. In order to keep the water pure, the amount of baiting should be strictly timed.

A fish bowl fits almost anywhere and is the perfect size for small fish! Good crystal-clear clarity makes a panoramic view of all things in the fish bowl. The glass thickness is about 5 mm. The glass fish tank is easy to clean with water. It would not take up much space to place the oblate shape fish bowl. It is 7.9 inches in height, 5.9 inches in longer diameter, and 3 inches in shorter diameter. You can place it on a table, windowsill, shelf, or so.

If you put a fish bowl on the desks, not only will make people feel better, but also make the whole work and study atmosphere become relaxed, and fish bowl and small fish are not expensive, try it! Wish you all can raise good betta fish.

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