Hygger Releases Hygger ETL Certification Aquarium Heater with New Features

Innovation gives us leadership. For a company, once it stands on the wave of innovation, there is only one way to maintain it, and that is to keep innovating.

Recently, adhering to the principle of continuous innovation and optimizing customer experience, Hygger launched the ETL Certification Aquarium Heater. As an innovative brand dedicated to aquarium products, ETL Certification Aquarium Heater adopts a rather advanced production process in the aquarium industry nowadays. ETL Certification Aquarium Heater with double-protected and adjusted knob suction cup for fish tanks sized from 15 to 80 gallons.

“To solve the problem of low thermal sensitivity of traditional aquarium heaters, which often do not match the target temperature and the actual temperature, and to reduce some ornamental fish inexplicably getting sick and dying because of heater problems. So our initial idea was to help users struggling with such problems. We have this heater with very low-temperature extremes to meet aquatic needs without safety hazards, minimizing incidents of boiled fish and providing more safety for fish-keeping enthusiasts.” said Betty, director of product development at Hygger.

“About ETL Certification Aquarium Heater Adjustable, its temperature ranges from 68 ℉-93 ℉(20 ℃-34 ℃) to maintain constant and stable temperatures for fresh or marine water. Fully submersible heater, including two suction cups for mounting in any suitable position horizontally or vertically.”

Hygger ETL Certification Aquarium Heater: New Features

ETL certification is required for products exported to the U.S. and Canada. The ETL mark indicates that the product has passed the U.S. NRTL and or Canadian SCC approval tests.

  • This Hygger Aquarium Heater is certificated by ETL with a quality advantage.
  • You can set the temperature from 68 ℉-93 ℉ to maintain constant and stable temperatures for fresh or marine water.
  • There is a built-in thermometer in the heater to detect the water temperature.
  • This aquarium heater tube is made from heat-resistant quartz glass, which is 2 mm Explosion-proof Glass.
  • This fish tank heater is waterproof and can be fully submerged in water when working.
  • The aquarium heater will automatically shut off once the water temperature is over 93℉.

Price, compatibility, and availability

Hygger ETL Certification Aquarium Heater is available for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Great prices and quality.

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About Hygger

The brand Hygger was registered on Jul 10th, 2008. And ever since then, we have been dedicated to making aquarium products. Our headquarters is located in the most economically active city, Shenzhen. We also have a hygger representative office in the United States.

We have been unremitting in the pursuit of new technology and superior product quality. We respect individuals and attach importance to the concept of people, which makes our company a creative, free, and open enterprise.

With over 10 years experience of in aquarium products, we have established our unique advantages in aquarium equipment. Now we are vigorously developing the market in Western Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, and other countries and areas.

We have a wide range of aquarium products including but not limited to aquarium lights, water pumps, fish tanks, internal filters, canister filters, air pumps, aquarium heaters, aquarium plastic plants, fish tank decorations, air stones, gravel cleaners, filter brush, bio-ball, sponge filter and so on.

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