hygger ETL Certification Aquarium Heater

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ETL Certification Aquarium Heater with double-protected for fish tank 15 to 80 gallons.

Package includes:
1 x Aquarium heater
2 x Sucker
1 x User manual

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hygger submersible aquarium heater with an adjustment knob can be used for small betta coral tanks, suitable for both saltwater and freshwater, it is designed especially for 15-80 gallon fish tanks. A very compact ETL Certification aquarium heater, and easy to hide in the aquarium.

ETL Certification Aquarium Heater

hygger 998 Aquarium Heater is certificated by ETL with a quality advantage. It is double-protected and has passed UL certification. For safety, a fuse is installed inside. When the aquarium heater is plugged in, the fuse will be automatically disconnected after the heater is out of the water for more than 3 minutes, and the fish tank heater will not be damaged.
Note: At this time, even if you put the heater back to the water, the heating work indicator is still on, but not working again.

Automatic Stop & Restart

You can set the temperature from 68℉-93℉ to maintain constant and stable temperatures for fresh or marine water, and the exactness is within 2 degrees Fahrenheit. As a fully submersible water heater, it includes two suction cups for mounting in any suitable position horizontally or vertically.

With Built-in Thermometer

The aquarium heater has a built-in thermometer to detect the water temperature. No separate thermometer is needed.

Durable Quartz Glass

This 998 aquarium heater tube is made from heat-resistant quartz glass, up to 2mm Explosion-proof glass. So it can be used in freshwater and saltwater aquariums and the service life can be 3 years or more. Use white alundum sand as the heat-conducting media.

Fully Submersible

This heater is also waterproof. It must be fully submerged in water when working. Place it horizontally or vertically near the water intake or the way where water flows.

Over Heat Protection

The heater will automatically shut off once the water temperature is over 93℉.

Directions for Use

How to Adjust the Heater Temperature?

Rotate the knob on the temp controller to set it to your desired temperature. The temp range is 68-93℉.

Useful Tips

1. For a better experience and heat the aquarium safely, please carefully read and follow the user manual.
2. Keep the aquarium heater fully submerged in water.
3. Stick the heater horizontally or vertically onto the tank side near the water intake or on the way of water flow.
4. Don’t bury the heating rod in sand or stones.
5. Please keep the temp controller away from water.
6. Please don’t connect the power before the heater is well installed.
7. Wait for the heater rod to cool down before you move the heater or change the water.


Hygger Aquarium Heater Parameter

Additional information


50W for 15 Gallon, 100W for 30 Gallon, 200W for 65 Gallon, 300W for 80 Gallon

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1 review for hygger ETL Certification Aquarium Heater

  1. Vivian Pope

    This heater does a great job heating my tank. It is easy to use. I like the suction cup mount because it is more sturdy than many other heaters I have had in the past.

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