How to Heat up Fish Tank Water Quickly

In winter and spring, the temperature of fish tank is low, ornamental fish are very easy to appear white spot disease and other diseases. For now, it is often a large temperature difference between day and night, so fish’s water temperature requirements are very high, if do not reach the appropriate temperature fishes will immediately die.

And the question arises:

How to heat up fish tank water quickly?

Fish tanks in winter and spring are usually heated using a heater. Generally the standard we choose a heater is 1 L water with 1-2W. For example, 100L water can choose 100W-200W heater. The fish tank heater is like a fish tank thermostat, it comes with temperature control and will stop heating automatically when the heating reaches the set temperature.

Now there are a wide range brands of tank heaters on the market, in face of that:

How to choose the right wattage heater for your aquarium tank?

Generally, when we choose a heater for the aquarium, we can base on the rule of 3.8-7 wattage per gallon water. When the weather gets cold and room temp is lower than 50°F, please choose a larger wattage heater than normally recommended.

Normally recommended aquarium heater

Hygger Aquarium Heater is a good choice. It is saltwater resistant titanium aquarium heater for tanks from 5 to 120 gallons. Whether it’s a small five gallon tank, a medium-sized 10 gallon tank, or a large 120 gallon tank, it is perfectly suited to keep your fish warm in the winter. Hygger Aquarium Heater can not only be used to ensure the feeding of ornamental fish water temperature, to maintain the water moisture, but also to reduce some diseases, such as white spot disease, so that your fish can keep healthy growth, it provides a more comfortable living space for your fish.

As a qualified fish tank thermostat, many users have given high praise to Hygger Heater after using it. Some users even make Hygger the first choice as their 20 gallon fish tank heater.

Once you have successfully purchased an aquarium heater, a more practical question arises:

How should the heater be placed in the tank?

1. Heater placement should try to avoid direct contact with the glass, and do not talk about its buried in the bottom sand, these methods will make the fish tank glass unevenly heated, easy to make the tank rupture.

2. Heater can be placed flat at the bottom of the tank, so that the heating dissipation effect is better. Because the water will rise after heating, vertical placement makes the lower part of water and the upper part of rod temperature difference relatively small, the heat transfer will be slower, it will reduce the efficiency of heating, prolong the heating time, also waste energy. And temperature control device in heater above will lead to early stop heating.

If necessary, you can work with a digital thermometer to adjust the water temperature. Thermometer should be placed away from the heater, so as to ensure that the water temperature is not from the hot water just heated out, the temperature adjustment will be more accurate.

3. We must fix tank heater when there is a large aquarium fish, because the strength of large fish, is easy to make the heater touch the wall of the tank, which will damage the heater, so we should pay special attention to large fish, and also try to choose the metal aquarium heater.

4. In addition to the power supply do not leak out of the water surface. If two heaters are installed in the aquarium, they should be distributed on both sides, which is conducive to even heating. For some insensitive fish, it is better to add a casing, so you can avoid the fish being burned.

5. When you use bimetal temperature control heater, you should pay attention to that whether the bimetal switch and heater distance is relatively close. If so, it often will cause the internal temperature of theheater has reached the set temperature, and the actual fish tank water temperature has not reached. Often the heater will stop when it heats up, and then heats up again after a while. Always pay attention to the position of it, if there is a problem, you should deal with it in time to extend the life of the heater.

6.The placement of the fish tank heater must be easy to monitor, to keep an eye on its work. If you use thermistor detection temperature type heater, accidentally left the thermistor out of the water surface, it will keep heating. So there is a great threat to the fish life. Place the heater deeper, it is best to add the thermistor away from the water or power.

What do you need to pay attention to when you put it?

In order to maintain the aquarium water temperature at a constant level, the output of the heater must be equal to the heat dissipated by the water in the aquarium. In other words, whether your heater is powerful, or small, the effective heating produces is equal to the amount of heat lost by the aquarium in the same amount of time. It is very appropriate to choose the right power heater for your aquarium. If it is too small, the heating may not be as fast as the heat dissipation, and it will not work as well as it should be; if it is too big, once the heater is damaged, it will bring devastating consequences.

In short, to choose the power of the tank heater, you need to consider the size of the aquarium, the temperature that needs to be set,  room temperature, tolerable range of water temperature change and safety. The larger of the aquarium needs bigger heater, the higher the room temperature needs the smaller heater power. A better tank heater with larger power has the smaller changes range of water temperature.

However, every heater has a service life. Generally not more than two winters. Over time, the wire aging, contact oxidation, may be out of order. For insurance purposes, the fish tank heater and thermostat can be used in combination. Domestic thermostats are available in many brands, and the price is not high. At present, there are so many brands of fish tank heaters on the market that we should choose a more suitable one rather than a more expensive one.


Finally, I hope you can pick the right heater for your cherished fish to keep them warm through the winter. Also, it is recommended to purchase an extra heater rod just in case. When the fish tank heater is broken, you can turn on the air conditioner or other heater equipment, if there is no heating equipment, you can only gradually adjust the water by slowly adding a slightly higher temperature than the water in the tank, but you need to pay attention to the water added should not be 4 degrees higher than the water in the tank.

In addition: the heater in the aquarium must be fixed, to avoid the fish swim through the accident. If there are two heaters, it is better to put them separately so that the aquarium can be heated evenly. Thermometer placed far from the tank heater to avoid detecting the hot water that has just been heated, so that the test value of the error.

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