hygger Digital Aquarium Thermometer

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Chic Digital Aquarium Thermometer with alarm, suitable for saltwater and freshwater, for fish, turtles, and other reptiles.

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Package includes:
1 x Thermometer
1 x Button Battery
1 x User manual


Chic Aquarium Thermometer with Temperature Alarm

This fish tank thermometer has a touchscreen design, and the maximum and minimum temperatures can be set by the fingerprint button. When the actual temperature exceeds the set range, the thermometer will sound a beep alarm to remind you that the fish tank temperature is not normal.

Wide Compatibility

hygger digital aquarium thermometer can be switched between ℃ and ℉. It can accurately measure the temperature of different types of fresh water and salt water. Widely suitable for monitoring the living temperature of fish, lizards, turtles, and other reptiles.
Note: It is not waterproof, does not submerge it in water.

Easy to Operate

Pull down the black battery cover below the screen, insert the battery, close it, stick, and read the tank temperature.

Replaceable Button Battery

When the thermometer is dead, the button battery can be replaced.

Switch between ℃ and ℉

With the touchscreen design, you can tap the fingerprint button to switch between ℃ and ℉.

Directions for Use

High temp and low temp alarm: set minimum and maximum temperature

1. Press the fingerprint button for 3 sec, the number at the bottom left of the screen flashes, then you can start to set the minimum temperature. Tap the fingerprint button to select the desired minimum temperature from 5℃~36℃/41℉~98℉.
2. Tap the fingerprint button to select the desired maximum temperature at least 1℃/1℉ higher than the minimum temperature. After the left number flashes 5 times, the number at the bottom right of the screen flashes, then you can start to set the maximum temperature.
3. After the number on the right flashes 5 times, it stops flashing and the setting is complete.

Trouble Shooting:

When the screen is blank, press the fingerprint button for 2 seconds and then touch the fingerprint button, you can hear a beep sound, open the battery compartment, and re-insert it.

Use Tips:

When you receive the tank thermometer:
1. Open the crescent-shaped battery compartment cover at the bottom of the screen and install the attached button battery.
2. Select ℃ or ℉, and set the minimum and maximum temperature.
3. Tear off the adhesive tape on the back of the aquarium thermometer and stick it on the outside of the fish tank where it can detect the water temperature.


Temperature measurement range: 5℃-37℃/41℉-99℉
Temperature measurement deviation: ±1℃/±2℉
Display resolution: 0.1℃/0.1℉
Applicable environment: 32℉-140℉
Power supply: CR2032 3V Button Battery
Dimension: 3.54 x 1.38 x 0.51 in

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  1. Dallas Colpaert

    Easy to use, easier to read then old thermometers, would recommend to others, and reasonably priced

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