hygger Aquarium Aeration Strip Kit

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Aquarium air bubbler aeration strip dissolves oxygen in fish tanks with fantastic bubble curtain

Product includes:
1 x Aeration strip
2 x Silicone suction cups with rings
1 x Air tube(2 M)
1 x Hose clip
1 x Check valve
1 x User manual

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Ready-to-go Bubbler Kit

hygger air bubbler creates a fantastic bubble curtain, the abundant micro and uniform bubbles wall that enhances a dreamy appeal for fish tanks, keeping your fish and plant healthy, and adding an amazing look to the aquariums.

Beneficial For Aquatic Pets

The aeration strip kit helps to increase oxygen levels, aerates the water, improves circulation, and helps in gas exchange for aquariums in a below way:
Air stones create bubbles➔ Bubbles release oxygen into the water➔ Water circulates through the bubbles➔ transports gas to the surface➔ Fish love to play in bubbles.

Mist-Like Micro Bubbles

This air bubble strip kit is a long and narrow white bar made of compressed aluminum oxide, with thousands of porous holes, it produces more dense, tiny bubbles like mist. The durable porous material stands up to continuous use and wear, it is not prone to clog. The bubbler produces more dense, tiny bubbles like mist while working quietly.

Use with Air Pump 5W or Up

The aeration strip kit needs an air pump (not included) 5 W or up to release bubbles out of the bubble bar. The silver aluminum alloy base is weighted to keep it in place even at full blast. However it is not recommended to use a saltwater tank.

Air pump for air bubbler strip wand

Air pump for air bubbler strip wand

Directions for Use

Test the strip kit with hygger different Air Pump

The air bubble strip kit is connected with different hygger air pumps. It turns out a 1.5 W air pump is too weak for the length of the airline. While a 5 W or 10W air pump makes it shoot out a giant cloud of super fine bubbles that looks amazing.

Conclusion: You will need a bigger air pump to get bubbles out of the entire length of the airstrip. We suggest at least a 5 W air pump, the 10W pump is perfect.

Air bubble strip kit use tips

Use Tips

How to install the air bubbler
1. Make sure you soak the stone in water 1 hour prior
2. Cut the air tubing to the length you need
3. Connect the air bubbler with an air pump of sufficient power
4. Place the air bubble strip kit underwater, plug it in, and go


Aquarium bubble strip kit specification

Additional information


8 Inches Long, 16 Inches Long

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1 review for hygger Aquarium Aeration Strip Kit

  1. Brian Brooks

    Absolutely love aeration strip! It add a magical touch to my aquariums. Well-made, durable, and affordable. Perfect for tanks of any size. Highly recommended!

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