Hygger 5 Gallon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits

Ultra-white glass, 98% light transmittance. The edge of the tank is polished to be smooth and not hurt your hands. Contains a load-bearing bottom plate, which is safer and more stable. The curved appearance design tank presents a bright effect.


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Perfect Starter Aquarium: The kit includes the proper equipment for starting an aquarium.
Perfect for plants, small fish, goldfish or betta: The aquarium fits almost anywhere. It’s the perfect size for plants, small fish, goldfish or a betta!
ARC-shaped Glass Aquarium: ARC-shaped filter housing has enough space to put in a filter.
Frame construction with glass hood: The included glass good reduces evaporation and ensures your fish do not jump out of the tank.
Easy to set up and maintain: The design of this aquarium kit takes all the guesswork out of setting up an aquarium! Each item in the kit is easy to keep and maintain.


Step 1: Filter media placement method shown in Figure 1.
A.Open the tank cover.
B.Put the water pump components in the right side of the filter housing, ensure the elbow connector is inserted into the water connector to complete installation. Ensure the water pump is placed in the direction as shown in figure B. Hose straightened into.
Place filter materials in the following order: cotton, bio-balls, cotton, carbon, cotton,and bio-cotton from bottom to top on the left side of the filter.

Step 2: The water pump power cord can be hung on the hook in the right side of the tank. Don’t pull it too tight, if you hearthe noise of water pump, please put some slack in the power cord as shown in Figure 2.

Step 3: Plug in the power cable and touch the button shown in Figure
3 to turn on the light. The color of the light is below:
1, 6 blue lights lighting.
2,12 white lights lighting
3,18 lights (6 blue and 12 white) lighting.

Step 4: When the water level is as shown in Figure 4 at position F, fish oil and foam that produced on the surface of the water will be filtered out. You can fill water to higher filtering slot at the upper end hole above 5mm distance (above position E) if surface scum is still not being filtered out.

POSITION E: When fish oil and foam is produced on the surface of the water, you can fill water to higher filtering slot at the upper hole above the 5mm distance.
POSITION F: Lowest water level before the aquarium will no longer filter surface scum.

To maintain clean glass for viewing, please use a piece of dry paper towel to wipe it clean from time to time. When you find the water cloudy, please move the fish into clean water, then replace the water inside the fish tank and clean the filter media inside the filter housing, or replace with new filter media to ensure the fish have a clean and comfortable living environment.


Brand: Hygger


? 1x Water pump
? 1xAbag of filter media
? 1xAdapter
? 1x User manual
? 1x Glass hood