Hygger Small Fish Tank

4 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit Includes: 4 gallon glass aquarium, 3-in-1 water pump, 4 LED lighting mode hood, and 2-pack filter cartridges replacement.


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Mini fashion design:
Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller spaces such as a dorm, table top or kid’s dresser.
Perfect starter aquarium:
The kit includes the proper equipment for starting an aquarium, and is modeled after a traditional aquarium.
Perfect for plants, shrimp and small fish:
The aquarium fits almost anywhere. Its the perfect size for plants, shrimp and small fish.
Curved-corner glass aquarium:
The highest clarity glass with curved-corner design lead to the wide view.
LED hood and quick-change filter cartridges construction:
The LED can be adjustable, and the filter media can be replaced.
3-in-1 Submersible pump:
3-in-1 power head filter performs three functions at the same time: water filtration, water circulation and aeration.
Digital temp display:
Integrated with temp probe and digital temp display, its easy to know the water temp in the tank.
Easy to set up and maintain:
The design of this aquarium kit takes all the guesswork out of setting up an aquarium. Each item in the kit is easy to fit and maintain.

I.Unpack the aquarium kit.
II.Check parts according to the packing list, if anything is missing or cracked, please contact the seller.
III.Tank setup:
a.First clean the tank and filter by clean water and towels. Do not use chemicals not intended for aquarium use.
b.Place the tank on a level, sturdy, completely flat surface in your desired location. Keep away from direct sunlight and airvents.
c.Rinse gravel and decor then decorate your aquarium before adding water to avoid over-filling.
d.Rinse the filter media cartridge and other filter parts , then fit the Submersible pump into the

e.Fill the tank with room temperature tap water. Make sure the submersible pump is fully submerged in water. Water level must be to bottom outer edge of hood for proper filter operation.
f.Treated the tank water with aquarium conditioner to remove chlorine.
g.Plug in the LED light and power filter, and turn on.
IV.Method of LED adjustable

Filter cartridge:
1. Unplug the LED and submersible pump.
2. Remove the used filter media cartridge from the tank and discard. Install new cartridge.
3. Recommend replace the used filter media cartridge in 2 weeks.
Submersible pump:
Unplug pump and carefully remove connector and pipe from the pump body. Then and remove the pump from tank. Separate and clean all parts including impeller. Rinse thoroughly and reinstall. Recommend clean the pump monthly.


Brand: Hygger


1 x Mini aquarium glass tank with LED
1 x Submersible pump
2 x Filter media cartridges
1 x Airtube
1 x Intake water tube
1 x Intake screen
1 x Coupling connector
1 x Elbow
1 x Rain pipe
1 x User manual