Is a Fish Bowl a Good Idea for Aquarium

Someone holds that a fish bow is too small to keep fish. And to a certain extent, keeping fish in fish bowls is a form of mistreatment. On the contrary, others believe that fishbowls can be used as small aquascape tanks. Accordingly, we will have a discussion about fish bowls in this article. Let’s get started!

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Is a fish bowl an aquarium

A fish bowl is one nice desktop aquarium. It can add a new view to your home or office, as well as make you have a good mood. A fish bowl with an oblate shape would not take up much space, and you can place it anywhere, such as the table, windowsill, shelf or so. Besides, it can be good gifts for kids who are about 7–14 years old. They can keep baby fish, a small turtle, or shrimp in a fishbowl.

In addition to this, a fishbowl with good crystal-clear clarity makes a panoramic view of everything. Furthermore, glass fish bowls are easy to clean with water. As for how to clean a fish bowl, we will cover it in the article later.
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Should fish bowls have lids?

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to place a lid on a fishbowl, as it will be more difficult to keep fish or other creatures. A lid will impede the gas exchange between the air and the water. It will block the oxygen, which will reduce the oxygen level in the water, and then bring a negative impact on aquatic life in the bowl. If so, it will be stiff to keep great water quality and a comfortable habitat.

Nonetheless, you may place a lid to prevent fish from jumping out of the fish bowl. For this case, a lid with holes would be better, or removing the fish to large fish tanks. At all events, you can add a small air pump to your fishbowl. It helps the bowl keep great aerated water.
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How to clean a fish bowl

Since a fish bowl contains a limited and small volume of water. It means the water quality will become poor quickly. Therefore, it is critically crucial to clean a fish bowl regularly. However, improper maintenance may cause fish death. Then, how to clean a fish bowl properly? Confused about it? Do not worry, you will get answers in this segment. You can follow the steps covered following.

Part one: before cleaning

To begin with, you should prepare the new water. If you plan to change part of the water in your fish bowl, it is recommended to prepare 40-50 percent water of the total volume of the fish bowl. Meanwhile, test the new water with the aquarium water test kit before adding it to the fishbowl. Nevertheless, replacing 100 percent of water is common. Besides that, it is necessary to prepare another container, such as a new fish bowl or tank. And move the fish to the container. You can remove the fish with a fish net.

Part two: cleaning steps

  • Remove the gravel, plants, or decorations from the fish bowl, and rinse them.
  • Dump the water out and scrub all the surfaces of the fish bowl with a clean cloth or paper towel. Then rinse the fish bowl.
  • If there are stubborn stains on your fish bowl, you can use a brush to scrub them.
  • Tips: Do not use soap or other detergents, or toxins from these chemicals may be fatal for your fish.

Part three: after cleaning

After finishing cleaning, you need to place gravel, plants, or decorations back into the fish bowl. Fill the fish bowl with prepared water and leave about 2 inches from the top. Finally, move the fish back to the bowl. In addition to this, you can also wipe the water on the outside glass of the fish bowl with a paper towel.
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How to play a fish bowl(game)

Can fish bowls only be used to keep fish? If your answer is “No”, please read on, you will find some interesting options. Exactly, fish bowls can be used as game props. In this segment, we will introduce the game to you. After reading, you can play with your friends at a reunion or party.

Before the game, you need to divide everyone into equal teams, two or more teams are feasible. Attention please, we will take two teams as an example in this article – team A and team B. Furthermore, you should prepare two fish bowls in advance and respectively mark them as A and B. Pass out 17 pieces of paper to each team. Each team can create 17 prompts for the game, including words or phrases, which can be a person, place, or feeling. Only one prompt can be written on each piece of paper.

Meanwhile, obscure words or phrases will make the game hard, thus, it is better to write well-known ones. Phrases should be short, 2–3 words are great. For example, “Halloween” or “Dance party”. After finishing writing, each team should fold up their paper. Next, collect all the pieces of paper. Then put the paper of team A in fish bowl A, and put the paper of team B in fish bowl B.

1. Game Rules

  • Guess the words or phrases written by the opposite team. Specifically speaking, team A should guess the pieces of paper written by team B.
  • One point for each piece of paper. For instance, if team A guesses correctly for one piece of paper, then team A can earn one point.
  • Teams can alternate for several rounds until all prompts have been used. Only 1 minute for each team to guess in a round. In the end, tally up the number of prompts guesses correctly in each round, and compare the total number of two teams. The team with a high number will be the winner.
  • The prompt that has been guessed correctly should not be put back into the fishbowl.
  • Each team can skip one prompt once in a round.
  • Clues should be words or sentences only. Motions or spelling are prohibited.

2. Game guidelines

  • Have a player from each team take pieces of paper from the fishbowl. And the player should follow “one piece of paper for each time”.
  • The player should provide clues for team members. For example, provided that the word in the paper is “Halloween”, the player can say “It is a holiday in October” or something like this.

Aside from all mentioned above, the titles of films or TV shows can also be used as prompts. And allow one or two players to act out the prompt without speaking. For instance, if the prompt is “dance party”, the players can perform dance moves. Moreover, the game rules and guidelines are similar to the game mentioned above.

Get the fun fish bowl game? Maybe we will cover more interesting facts about fish bowls, please pay attention to Hygger’s blog. Or if you are willing to share more skills about fish bowls, such as ecological fish bowls, mini planted aquarium bowls, the micro landscape in a bowl, and so on, you can leave messages in the comment. Finally, thanks for your reading!

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