Unique Betta Fish Tank Ideas And Set Up

Properly setting up a Betta fish tank is an inevitable part of having Betta fish. It needs proper knowledge of water quality, temperature, space per pet, habits, etc. You must keep in mind and properly incorporate these aspects during the procedure of the betta fish tank setup.
Here in the following, there are some unique betta fish tank ideas and a proper way to set up your tank.

Betta Fish Tank Ideas

Betta fish are widely used aqua pets around the globe. You can make your Betta tank a focal point anywhere. Here are a few Betta fish tank ideas that will help you to achieve your goal.

Live Planted Tank

Using live plants is one of the most common and interesting ideas to decorate your Betta fish tank. Different kinds of plants can help you to decorate in different ways, i.e., using different types of plants, different kinds of arrangements, etc. For example, the Hornwort, Anubias, and Moss are all very consistent with their living habits.

Model Installation

The other interesting idea to make your Betta home interesting is to fill it with artificial models. A sunken city model could be created by introducing gravel and city-mimicking decor.
Many other options are there to test your creativity. So, visit the aquarium store to make some fun scenes in your Betta fish tank.

Cartoon Theme

Creating a cartoon theme is another fun idea for the Betta fish tank, especially for a kid’s room. Such decorations help to boost the kids’ creativity. They could enjoy some comedy themes or cartoon characters like Nemo Clownfish. Whatever their thoughts, select the decoration items relevant to the theme.
betta fish tank setup

Minimalistic Setup

If you feel better with a minimalistic setup, then here’s the good news, you can set up your Betta fish tank in a minimalistic way. Betta requires a few places to hide or rest that you can easily create by using a few objects, i.e., floating or bottom moose, upside-down pots, etc.

Blackwater Aquarium

Setting up a blackwater aquarium means providing a natural habitat for your Betta. In nature, Betta fish live in slow and shallow ponds that fill the low decomposing debris and leaves.

You can set up this Betta fish tank by filling it with almond leaves and slowing down the water pump speed.

What Kind of Space Does Betta Fish Need?

Betta fish are known for their furious nature as they can feed up fast with other male Bettas. However, they can go well with some companions, i.e., female Bettas, and short fins, and small fish.

In nature, they live in dark and shallow waters. Plan debris helps to create darkness over the surface.

Their territorial nature makes them rebel among the fish community. If two or more male Bettas are living together, then they can fight to death. Therefore, each Betta must have enough space for survival. It’s found that 5 gallons or 8 gallons is the bottom level for each Betta.

Create a Beautiful Betta Fish Tank Step-by-step

Creating a beautiful Betta fish tank is fun and adventurous, as well as requires some details. Here are these steps.

Tank size

Choose a proper aquarium size for your Bettas, but it shouldn’t be less than 5 gallons. Otherwise, it proves troublesome for pets.

Gravel layer

Betta fish can swim on all levels, but they love to swim across the bottom. Therefore, it’s suitable to spread a layer of gravel on the bottom by using a suitable substrate for the plants. Fine gravel is a good choice.

Water quality parameters

Water is another important aspect while setting up a Betta fish tank.

  • The water should be filtered continuously at a specific rate, i.e., the whole water must be filtered 4 times in one hour.
  • Use dechlorinated water. You can get it from the tap water.
  • The best thriving temperature for the Betta is between 22-27°C.

Install filter

Water filtration is another key parameter that you should properly look after in the Betta fish tank setup.
Install a power aquarium filter that can filter whole water 3 to 5 times in one hour.
betta fish tank ideas

Heater to control the temperature

Install a small water heater near the water filter, so that the heated water is properly distributed over the tank.
A rule of thumb for heater selection is to use the 5-watt heater for each gallon of water. If you are going to introduce your Betta in a large aquarium, then install a heater on both sides or get a bigger heater for it.


Lighting is not such a prominent aspect in setting up a Betta fish tank, as Betta loves to live in the dark. However, it is necessary to install a mini light to create the day and night cycle. It’ll help to improve Betta’s mental and physical health.


Plants are one of the most suitable options to decorate your Betta fish’s aquarium. Here are 2 options.

  • Natural/ live plants
  • Artificial plants

You need to put some extra effort into living plants as they require proper care. If you’re easy with that, then you will enjoy proper oxygenation of the tank and natural water filtration.

On the other hand, if you feel it is hard to take care of natural plants, then artificial plants must be your choice. The problems with them are:

  • Wear and tear cause debris in the water.
  • Give an artificial look.

Installation of model

Model Installation is the next step in setting up your tank. Installation of models helps to achieve the purpose of the hiding place. From gravels to specially designed models can go well for the tank. A tree trunk decor with caves for the Betta fish aquarium could be a great shelter for betta and simulate the natural world.


  • Don’t introduce sharp edge features, as they can damage their fins.
  • Don’t incorporate mirrors in Betta’s tank as the male Betta can go aggressive by seeing the reflection for a longer period.
  • Never go under a 5-gallon tank.

End Lines

There are plenty of Betta fish tank ideas that can make your place more attractive. Some of the ideas to make it happen are discussed. Whatever your choice, you can set up your Betta tank with the mentioned setting up guide, and don’t forget to consider the tips discussed at the end.

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