hygger Power Aquarium Internal Filter

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Power aquarium filter with fish impurity separation collection box for 3 – 70 gallons tanks

1 x Filter
1 x Oxygen-increasing hose
1 x Duckbill mouth (10W filter doesn’t include the duckbill mouth)
3 x Suction cups
1 x User manual

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Multi-filter Material

The power aquarium filter can filter the fish tank faster and more effectively, with more than half of the filter materials filling the aquarium filter. Made of yellow material, the filtering condition is obvious and can be replaced, and you can clean the filter media in time. The filter sponge has a large area and is a selected medium-small pore sponge, which is not easy to block and has a strong filtration effect. The big removable filter box can be replaced with other filter materials and used freely.

The 10W filter is 158GPH and the 25W filter is 264GPH for filtration, oxygenation, and circulation.

Multi-filter Processing

The newly upgraded power filter adds a fish impurity treatment box.
1. Dirty water enters the fish impurity collector box through the pipe in the middle of the bottom.
2. The propeller processes some of the impurities, and then some of them settle in the first layer.
3. Then Dirty water passes through the filter sponge box.
4. Filtered clean water flows out.

Multi-function Internal Filter

There is an adjustment port above the water outlet. When using it, install an oxygenation hose, and adjust and turn the blackhead to adjust the water flow to achieve the oxygenation effect. It will also produce a water wave effect on the water circulation in the tank, so the filter can be used as a wave pump, it is a great help for water circulation in the tanks.

hygger 081 aquarium internal filter


The hygger power filter, with three strong suction cups, is stable and not easy to loosen in the tank. The strong motor runner is durable. The anti-sucking fish filter port can prevent most small fish from being sucked. Each section of the overall filter can be disassembled, so the water pump motor can be used alone to change water, and the water hose (not included) can be connected during use.

1. The color of the filter material is obvious and light-colored. The outer shell of the filter is transparent. It is easy to monitor and determine when to clean or replace filter media.

2. The water flow of the outlet can be adjusted, the greater the flow, the more obvious the oxygenation effect will be, and the bubble effect can be seen. It has multiple functions in one and is suitable for small and medium-sized tanks.

3. The 10W filter does not include a duckbill head, but the 25W filter has one, which can adjust the water outlet direction at will and be used as a wave pump to produce water circulation and water pattern effects.

4. All parts of the filter can be disassembled, and the motor part can be disassembled separately and used as a water pump for water change. (This filter does not include any water pipes/hoses).

Fish Impurity Collector

The bottom of the filter is a fish impurity collector box driven by the water flow, which can effectively absorb fish impurities and small particles at the bottom of the fish tank, the parts sink to the bottom, and other impurities enter the next filter through the propeller runner. The component box is removable and easy to clean, and can also be replaced and used with other filter media.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Precautions for Use
1. The filter sponge core is a separate part. If the water flow power of the motor is too strong, the sponge core can be plugged back. You can reduce the GPH value to solve the problem.
2. The runner of the fish impurity separation Collection box is unpowered and rotates according to the power of the motor water pump. When it stops rotating, you need to clean the motor and the sponge.

How to use hygger 081 filter

How to use hygger 081 power aquarium filter
1. The hose that adjusts the water flow and air volume should be placed outside the water when in use.
2. When the air adjuster is loosened, the bubble will increase, on the contrary, the bubble will decrease
3. Install this little black cap when you don’t want to make any water flow adjustments and place the filter deep into the fish tank.
4. The power filter can also be used in the turtle tank when placed horizontally, also to be used 100% submerged.

Power filter installation

1. Please install an anti-blocking button to prevent small fish or other large impurities from blocking the water inlet.

2. The middle part of the filter sponge is separate and can be installed and used together if you want to increase the filtering effect. If the water flow is adjusted to a small value, please disassemble this part because it may affect the bottom propeller runner effect.


hygger 081 filter specification

Additional information


10W for 3-20 Gal, 25W for 20-70 Gal

2 reviews for hygger Power Aquarium Internal Filter

  1. Teri Coon

    Works great. Where can I purchase new filters?

    • service

      Hi Teri Coon,
      You can purchase via hygger Amazon store,, or petnannystore.

      hygger team

  2. Kay

    This internal filter works well in my tank. I like it. The design of fish impurity collector box attracts me.

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