Hygger Fish Aquarium Decorations



A ready-to-go ornament tree trunk for your fish and shrimp!

Package includes:
1 x Decor(Tree Trunk)

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Product Features

Small fish’s favorite

There are 5 holes in the fish trunk decor. Suitable for hermit crab, crayfish, suckerfish, axolotl, guppies, blue rams, chained loach, clown fish, elfish, zebra danio, black neon tetra, etc. Your small pet fish would be super happy to swim in and out the trunk holes to sleep, rest, hide, play, and breed.

Good glimpse of your fish

100% tree trunk imitation, very vivid, add natural underwater landscape to your aquariums, and you can easily glimpse your little fish trough 3 side holes.

Made from resin

Made of durable resin, and non-toxic for all aquariums fish. It can be put in fresh water and salt water tank.

Stay in place

The aquarium ornament trunk has a flat base, and is completely hollow. It will stay at the bottom and will not float. It makes brighter and more colorful view underwater. It is recommended for small and medium size tanks (5-50 Gal.)

Directions for Use

Rinse it under tap water and put it in the designated place in the fish tank.
Cleaning tips:
1. Before putting the fish decoration betta log into your tank, please wash it in clean water to wipe off the dust and paint smell.
2. There is no need to clean the resin ornament too often, you can wash it in flowing water when you change your tank water.

Attention: Only for small and baby fish. Large fish may get stuck in the trunk.


Brand: Hygger
Material: Resin
Dimension: 5.3″ x 4″ x 2.7″
Weight: 0.42 lb
Fish tank size: Small and medium size tank, 5-50 gallons

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