How to Make Crystal Clear Aquarium

Hey, guys, have you ever heard of crystal clear aquarium? What is it? It is an aquarium that has completely clear and bright water and greatly improved the ornamental value of the fish tank. In today’s article, let’s dig into deeper learning on crystal clear aquarium.

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How to get the aquarium water crystal clear

Cloudy water may be the result of overfeeding, algae thriving, or others. Then, how can we get the aquarium water crystal clear?

Fish tank placement

Considering the fish tank placement, it is best to avoid direct sunlight. As too much light will cause algae growth. Also, keep your tank far away from perfumes, aerosols, and grease from cooking. Otherwise, it will cause oil slicks in the fish tank.

Add aquatic live plants

Aquatic live plants can consume some harmful compounds, like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. It is beneficial for keeping aquarium water clean. Moreover, plants will compete for nutrients with algae, which limits algae growth.

Set up an excellent filtration system

Setting up an excellent aquarium filtration system is needed. Mechanical, biological, and chemical media are equally significant. These filter media are helpful to remove harmful substances and unnecessary debris from your aquariums. An aquarium internal filter pump is an excellent alternative. It provides two filtration stages, which make the aquarium water crystal clear. The mechanical sponge captures debris, while the bioceramic balls provide adequate space for beneficial bacteria to grow. Also, a dual-chamber media container allows for customizable media.

In addition, for safety, you should choose the ideal water type according to the tank types, fish, and other creatures in your aquarium. Water sources, like tap water, well water, distilled water, RO water, and DI water, are available. Tap water is usually the best alternative. Because it is cheap and easy to get, while it is suitable for a wide range of fish species. One more tip here. Chlorine and chloramine should be removed from the new water for aquariums. If you want to know more about aquarium water, you can go to Aquarium Water Sources – The Best Water for Aquarium.

The secret to making aquarium crystal clear

Aside from great water quality, you should also pay attention to aquarium material, filtration system, and regular sterilization. Next, let’s take a look at the secret of how to make aquarium crystal clear.

Change the water regularly

Change the water and clean your aquarium regularly. For instance, changing 15-30 percent of the water once each week, or changing the water completely and cleaning the aquarium once every two weeks. And an aquarium siphon pump will help you a lot, which can change the water quickly with the air-pressing button, and clean every corner of your fish tank. Also, the gravel vacuum helps to suck away the feces, which reduces the risk of poor water quality.

Monitor the aquarium water

In addition to regular water changes, testing the water parameters regularly is essential. The ammonia and nitrite levels should be zero, while the nitrate level usually should not be over 20 ppm. Once find the levels are out of the ideal range, you can correct them immediately.

Regular cleaning

It includes aquarium glass, ornaments, and supplies for cleaning. As for aquarium glass cleaning, there are 6 best tools for cleaning aquarium glass, like magnet scrapers, flat sponge cleaners, right-angle sponge scrapers, etc. Also, concerning the ornaments cleaning, you can just wash them with clean water only, not using soap. Additionally, cleaning the aquarium filter is essential. And you should remove, rinse, or change the filter media in the schedule.

Introduce algae eaters or cleaner fish

Algae eaters can be Amano shrimp, Chinese grass shrimp, Cherry shrimp, nerite snails, and others. These eaters will eat algae or uneaten fish food in your fish tank. As for cleaner fish, they can clean the parasites and diseased or dead tissue and they also make sense in aquarium cleaning.

Avoid overstocking or overfeeding

Fish will produce feces and other waste, which will lead to changes in water parameters. Overstock or overfeeding will produce excessive waste, leading to poor water quality finally. Also, the oxygen level would decrease while the uneaten food and waste decompose. Too many fish feces will cause cloudy water, which will limit plant growth, but an opportunity for algae to thrive. In general, you can feed your fish twice a day, and make sure they finish eating without 2–3 minutes.

Add an aquarium water pump

When it comes to keeping a stable and healthy fish tank, an aquarium water pump will be critically crucial. It can circulate and filter the aquarium water, and also create water movement. The water movement enables aeration by mixing the water of the surface and the rest. Exactly, an inverter water pump is a great choice. It is a variable frequency pump and can be used as an external or submersible pump.

Should aquarium water be crystal clear?

Is crystal clear water best for every aquarium type? No, it depends on your fish needs exactly. Just as the saying goes, water that goes pure has no fish. Actually, there may be a little organism in a crystal clear aquarium, which is not good for some fish. Also, fish, like bettas, can survive in cloudy water. However, crystal clear aquarium fits some fish only, such as Angelfish, Guppy fish, Neon tetras, Discus fish, etc. They eat little and produce fewer feces.

On the contrary, some fish may face death due to the crystal clear water lacking beneficial ions, microbes, or others. For instance, goldfish, as well as medium and large fish from Cichlidae should not be kept in crystal-clear aquariums. Because the water in their natural habitat is slightly acidic, which is helpful to enhance their body colors and reproduction.


In summary, aquarium maintenance is interlinked. Crystal clear aquarium is not a perfect option for all fish. You should consider the state of the fish first. They are the water quality, cleanliness, and viewers’ sense. Just keep in mind: create a great filtration system, never overstock or overfeed, and keep regular cleaning. That’s it. Finally, thanks for your reading.

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