hygger Aquarium Internal Filter Pump

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Silent 5-in-1 internal water pump filter for 10-30 gallons betta/turtle/planted tanks

Product includes:
1x Filter
1x Water pump
1x Air tube
1x Filter stone
2x Filter suction cup
3x Pump suction cup
1x User manual

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Silent Filter Pump

hygger 5-in-1 internal filter pump is powered by a 7-watt motor, it runs as quietly as a whisper. It cycles water at 100 gallons per hour, suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquarium tanks from 10 gallons to 30 gallons.

Great For Shallow Tanks or Turtle Tank

This internal aquarium filter is a fully submersible filter, with attached suction caps that can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. You can remove the motor and connect it to an air pump, and turn it into a sponge filter which provides slow flow to aquatic pets such as shrimp, guppies, breeding tanks, baby fry, etc. It is ideal for nano tanks, betta tanks, axolotl tanks, breeder tanks, turtle tanks, and shallow tanks.

Effective Filtration

hygger aquarium internal filter pump with two stages of filtration provides crystal clear water for your tank; the mechanical sponge captures debris and bio ceramic balls provide plenty of space for the rapid growth of beneficial bacteria. Dual-chamber media container allows for customizable media.
Filter pump for shallow tanks

Ready-To-Go Aquarium Filter Pump

No air pump and no priming are required, you can quickly set it up with all the accessories that come with the package. Just wash and clean the sponge and bio balls, install suction cups, connect the internal aquarium filter with the air tube, plug in, and go.

Venturi Aeration

The water filter pump is equipped with a venturi nozzle to connect to air tubing for improved oxygenation in fish tanks. The directional flow nozzle allows for free rotation as desired. As an internal aquarium filter, it can also provide fast flow for fish such as tetras and Dinos.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. Connect to air tubing to an air pump making it a sponge filter to slow down water flow.
2. When no air tubing here, the filter produces fast water flow to circulate the whole tank water and eliminate the dead spot


hygger 052 filter pump

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1 review for hygger Aquarium Internal Filter Pump

  1. Kumar

    Works great and is easily hidden. I’m using it in a 20 gallon tank with my 4 bumblebee gobies ( who I’m told don’t like a lot of flow). They are quite active and seem very content! The filter fits perfectly behind my driftwood with just the air bubble sticking up.

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