hygger Aquarium Internal Power Filter

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Adjustable power filter with multiple functions for 2 to 30 gallons fish tanks

Product includes:
1 x Filter with cord and suction cups
1 x 1/2 inch (13 MM) outlet
1 x 3/8 inch (13 MM) outlet
1 x 19.7 inch (50 CM) air inlet with air flow regulation
1 x Right angel outlet pipe
1 x Adjustable outlet pipe
1 x Spray pipe
1 x Multi-direction adjustable water outlet
1 x User manual

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Filtration and Circulation

The hygger power filter delivers three-stage mechanical, chemical, and biological aquarium filtration to obtain maximum water clarity. It includes activated carbon sponges and ceramic balls for mechanical filtration, and a coarse media sponge to remove particles, and debris for chemical and biological filtration. The activated carbon removes odors and discoloration from water, and the ceramic Balls, are used to remove toxic ammonia and nitrite in aquariums.


Effective & Thorough Filtration

Without effort, this aquarium power filter quietly delivers crystal-clear water throughout the tank. The power filter cycles water at 60/160 gallons per hour and is recommended for 2 to 30-gallon tanks. The 160 GPH pump can cycle a 30-gallon aquarium more than 5 times per hour. Provide effective and thorough filtration for your aquarium.

3 Modal & Adjustable Flow

The internal power filter has 3 modals to satisfy various demands for your tanks.
In rain shower mode, the adjustable flow knob allows for increased or decreased water flow at will;
In aeration mode, rotate the knob on the air inlet to adjust the airflow, and you can even fully adjust the multi-directional output nozzles to create customized water flow;
In circulation mode, you can connect a hose to the outlet for water changes.

Dissolve Oxygen Quickly

The filter can make good water circulation and filter the dirt in the cylinder to keep the tank water clean, it also shocks the water to bring and dissolve oxygen in the water quickly and maintain a good environment for the aquarium tanks.

Wave Making

The power filter provides an ocean-like flow for your tank inhabitants to enjoy surfing, making them more energetic. The internal pump design helps dampen noise and eliminates leaks and self-priming, it starts up automatically after cleaning or power interruptions.

Ultra-quiet Power Filter

The multiple noise reduction designs with ultra-quiet motor ensure that the hygger aquarium power filter offers a quiet and comfortable night for you. The low power consumption with a stable flow ensures no air inside the filter and generates no noise.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

Waterfall design

Waterfall design – Its unique waterfall design enables filtered water to return to the tank silently, gently breaking the surface tension and creating beneficial oxygenation.

Adjustable flow

Adjustable flow – The adjustable flow knob allows for an increase or decrease of water flow at will. Higher flow rates also ensure a higher dissolved oxygen content.

2 types of water outlet

2 types of water outlet – The wide water outlet better helps with wave making. It can also be connected to a water pipe, making daily water changes easier.


Additional information


60GPH for 2-8 Gallon, 120GPH for 10-20 Gallon, 160GPH for 15-30 Gallon

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1 review for hygger Aquarium Internal Power Filter

  1. Aadasch

    It’s been a game-changer for my fish tank! The multiple filtration system with activated carbon sponges and ceramic balls keeps the water crystal clear and free from odors and toxins. It’s perfect for my 30-gallon tank. The filter feels sturdy and durable, and the build quality is excellent. The dual outlet system is a standout feature. The compact size is ideal for smaller tanks.

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