hygger Siphon Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

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Aquarium siphon pump for tank gravel and sand cleaning, dirt removing, and water changing. Make daily fish tank maintenance easier

Package includes:
1 x Siphon ball
1 x Connector
2 x Extension tube
1 x Extension tube connector
1 x Duckbill suction head
1 x Gravel washer tube( with a filter basket)
1 x Inlet filter basket
1 x 79inch outlet hose(can be cut into two pieces and connected to both ends of the siphon ball)
1 x Flow control valve
1 x Hose clamp
1 x User manual

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3-in-1 Siphon Function

Sand Washing – hygger aquarium siphon pump helps to remove debris from gravel, all you need to do is simply move the inlet pipe up and down, and the debris can be carried away by the running water, while the gravel falls to the bottom of the aquariums. The removable filter basket inside the gravel washer tube prevents small fish and gravel from being sucked into the aquarium vacuum.

Dirt Suction – The duckbill head of the siphon vacuum gravel cleaner can remove the substrate dirt, fish debris, food, and fish waste that build up in the aquarium. It has two pipes to reach where needed and is faster and cleaner.

Water Changing – This aquarium siphon pump uses a vacuum siphon design to help you change water easily and efficiently. To keep the fish happy and healthy with functioning immune systems, we need to change the tank water regularly. The siphon pump features the latest design to drain your tank in minutes. It makes tank water changes truly hassle-free.

hygger 039 siphon cleaner

Protects the tank fish

This aquarium siphon cleaner is no electricity and will not harm the fish when used. It includes a 3D filter basket that prevents gravel from jamming the pipe, not only does it separate and remove debris effectively, but it also protects the fish fry, grass, and gravel from being sucked out. The hose of the vacuum pump is made from high-quality silicone, harmless to fish, and has no peculiar smell.

Easy to Installation & Use

It is easy to assemble and disassemble. You can free-install the siphon ball’s position to make the operation more convenient. First, just squeeze the siphon ball a few times, then the tank water will automatically flow out quickly. When it is in full flow it can drain 30 liters of water in 5 minutes.

Set Your Hands Free

The flow valve that comes with the gravel cleaner can easily control the suction rate, which is convenient for you to leave for a while. The hose clamp can fix the hose in the bucket, preventing water from accidentally splashing or dirtying the floor, and set your hands free.

Made by Durable Material

This durable aquarium siphon cleaner is made with robust, high-quality PVC. It is able to withstand the regular water changes necessary to keep fish healthy and happy. It is able to take out any dirt or debris and has a long service life.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

The position of the water outlet must be lower than the inlet at least 1.6ft (50 cm).


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1 review for hygger Siphon Vacuum Gravel Cleaner

  1. Maximiliano Gómez

    This makes water changes easier. It is gentle and it really does not disturb the water; suctions the water slow. It’s very easy to use. I was surprised how easy the operation bulb was to squeeze and I didn’t have to keep squeezing until my hand hurt like with other siphons I’ve tried. Good stuff.

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