hygger Aquarium Electric Cleaning Brush

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Electric cleaner 6 in 1 kit for a quick and effortless cleaning for aquariums, dog houses/cat little boxes

1 x Corner brush
1 x Curved brush
1 x Flat brush
1 x Large sponge pad
1 x Polishing cloth
1 x Velcro brush holder with scouring pad
1 x Spin scrubber
3 x S/S tubes
1 x Adapter
1 x User manual

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Multifunctional Cleaning Kit

Hygger rechargeable aquarium cleaner has 6 fish tank cleaning brush heads in total, which can be replaced according to different scenarios to meet various needs. Different shapes of cleaning tool heads with multiple designs. There is always an electric cleaning brush for your fish tank.


Rechargeable Cleaner

The brushes tool kit can be used wirelessly and cleaned anywhere you want. The battery life is long-lasting approx.90-120 min, which can complete the cleaning of the entire fish tank. The cleaner kit can also be used in other places, such as bathrooms.

Convenient operation

Simple installation and one-key quick. To deal with different levels of stains, the motor has 2-speed options. The motor can generate strong friction and grip by using new technology, and the cleaning ability is more thorough. Compared with manual, it saves effort and is faster than normal speed manual cleaning. The hygger aquarium brush can be used wet or dry, with a high waterproof level IPX8. The length of the handle rod is adjustable (3-kind lengths).

Widely Used Cleaning Kit

Clean Spare Bottom Media Tank
The bottom water circulation tank under the cabinet is troublesome to move in the hidden location, the rechargeable aquarium cleaner 6-in-1 kit helps to clean the laborious angel.
Clean Heavy Fish Tanks
Fish tanks in the kitchen/the wall/inside the tables, etc., really need a powerful electric aquarium cleaner.
Clean the Washable Reusable Filter Media
For reusable filter material cleaning, the rechargeable aquarium cleaner can touch and vibrate them so that most of the impurities are separated from the media without hurting beneficial bacteria.

Powerful Cleaning Tool Kit

Mini Pond Without Soil
The wireless rechargeable electric cleaner is an excellent choice for outdoor cleaning for mini ponds with no mud on the wall and bottom.
Household Cleaning For Cat
Except for clean fish tanks, the cleaning brushes are convenient and quick for deep cleaning of cat litter boxes, including wet and dry use.
Outdoor Cleaning For Dog House
It is very convenient to clean the dog house outdoors, combine the powerful motor it works wireless and lasts approx.90-120 min and the charge time is less than 5H.

Wide application

Flat brush

Diameter: 4.3 inches; Height: 1 inch; Connection head diameter: 2.3 inch

Material: Bristle, PP material, wear-resistant

Pointed brush

Height: 2.6 inches; Connection head diameter: 2.3 inch

Material: Bristle, PP material, wear-resistant

Flat brush Pointed brush
Uses: For flat surfaces with thick stains. Such as aquarium water circulation spare tank, fish tank large stone decoration, etc. Uses: Suitable for cleaning the corners. Such as the corners of fish tanks and the crevices of aquarium landscaping, etc.
Arc brush

Diameter: 3.2 inch; Height: 1.5 inch;

Material: Bristle, PP material, wear-resistant

Large sponge brush

Diameter: 4.3 inches; Height: 0.8 inches; Connection head diameter: 2.3 inch

Material: Sponge, soft and good water absorption

Arc brush Large sponge brush
Uses: For cleaning uneven places. Such as aquarium decorations, landscaping stones, filter media, large canister filters, etc. Uses: Suitable for cleaning glass and other places that are easy to scratch. Such as acrylic fish tanks, some glass fish tanks, etc
Polishing cloth

Diameter: 4.7 inch

Material: Polishing Cloth

Scouring pad

Size: diameter: 4.5 inch

Material: Coarse cloth

Polishing cloth Scouring pad
Uses: Suitable for glass material cleaning, and mild stains. For example, the scale traces of the fish tank, and the daily wiping when the fish tank wall is splashed with water droplets, etc. Uses: For tough stains. For example, the dense impurities on the bottom of the aquarium, the stains on the tank cover facing the water, etc.

Directions for Use

Use Tips

1. IPX8 waterproof
2. Rechargeable cordless cleaning
3. Battery working time is approx.90-120 Min
4. USB adapter : Input AC100-240V/50-60Hz; Output DC 5V


hygger 6 in 1 cleaning brush

2 reviews for hygger Aquarium Electric Cleaning Brush

  1. Big Grip Enterprises, Llc

    I have a 300 gallon Acrylic Freshwater Aquarium. I use your Hygger 24/7 Lights. It causes some Algae to accumulate. Your Hygger HG086 10W Power Cleaning Brush is a GREAT Product clean all types of Aquariums, Glass or Acrylic‼️

  2. Jack

    I like this electric cleaning brush!!! Different cleaning tool heads do a good job in tank cleaning.

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