hygger Inverter Water Pump

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Ultra quiet water pump runs smoothly ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquarium, ponds, hydroponics, waterfalls, fountains and water features


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Package includes:
1x AC water pump
1x Controller
1x Bottom suction cover
1x Filter cover
2x O-ring
3x Pipe fittings
1x User manual


AC Inverter Water Pump

hygger AC water pump is a variable frequency pump, it can be used as an external pump or submersible pump, it has a large flow, and high lift, and is energy efficient for aquarium tanks, ponds, fountains, and hydroponics.

Ultra Quiet

4 rubber pads effectively absorb the vibration, and noise levels lower than 30 DB. Sine wave technology makes it pump water silently and smoothly.

Easy-to-operate Controller

The controller LED display will show real-time power, level ( between 1-20), and current mode. Variable frequency-powered ECO pump controllers can offer up to 20 different speed settings for the steady flow mode. It’s convenient and easy to control the water pump.

Three Working Modes

Frequency mode: 20 different steady speed settings
Wavemaker mode: 20 different wave interval
Feed mode: optional adjustable feeding time of 10/20/30 minutes.

Water pump three modes

Automatic Shut-Off Protection

When the motor is blocked or the pump detects no water, it will automatically stop working. You can unplug and plug again or long-press the “+” button to restart the water pump. Here are 2 removable covers for different water levels: 1 for normal water level (above 2.5 inches) and another for low water level (above 0.5 inches)

External Pump or Submersible Pump

This AC circulation pump can be used as a submersible pump or external pump in freshwater or saltwater. Be sure to pour water into the pump before external use and please note the controller is not waterproof. The pump has two types of intake screens. One is a special intake screen that can suck up water while blocking dirt and detritus in sumps or aquariums. It can also be installed externally.

Widely Application

Directions for Use

Select the mode you need

1. Press the “M” button to select constant flow mode (20-level adjustable flow rates) or wave maker mode (20-level adjustable wave-making intervals).
2. Press the “F” button to select feed mode (pause the water pump for 10/20/30 minutes for feeding).

Use Tips

When using, please install the O-ring on the soft pipe connector. Due to the different sizes of soft pipe connectors, you will need to use different sizes of soft pipes for the inlet and outlet.

Restart: Unplug and plug again or press the controller “+” button to restart the water pump.

Water Pump Error Warning

Note: Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this water pump may require an adapter or converter for use at your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.



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30W 800GPH 9.8FT, 40W 1200GPH 12.5FT, 55W 1600GPH 14FT

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  1. Joker

    It is pretty convenient and can be used as an external or submersible pump. What attracts me most? It runs silently!

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