Hygger Solar Powered Fountain Water Pump

7 Different nozzles, Waters up to 23.5” Jet Height, 4 Plastic Tubing Keep in Place


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Hygger 2.2W solared fountain pump brings a touch of life to your garden and keeps your birdbath clean. It includes 7 different nozzle heads to create 7 water patterns while aerating your fountain, container or pond. Powered by solar panels, it is eco-friendly, just takes about 3 seconds, it will automatically start working and circulating water under full sun. Comes with 4 plastic tubing to keep the fountain pump in place, prevent it from moving all over and spraying all the water out, so you don’t have to refill the bird bath all the time.

Power: 2.2W solar panel
Pump Output: 47 Gallons Per Hour
Pump Spray Height: 11.5~23.5 Inches
Panel Output: 7V
Brushless Pump: Yes

How to use it?
1. Attach 4 plastic tubes to black clip and clamp to the pump.
2. Pick desired nozzle head and put it on.
3. Just place the pump in your fountain under full sun and leave it.

1. It must be work under full or partial sun.
2. Make sure your fountain or container with enough water to allow the pump floating on.
3. Regular detach the sponge pad on the back of the pump and clean in case blocking.