hygger Solar Powered Fountain Water Pump

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Automatically start working and circulating water under full sun.

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Package includes:
7 x Nozzle head
4 x Plastic tube
1 x Water pump
1 x User manual


hygger 2.2W solar fountain pump includes 7 different nozzle heads which can create 7 water patterns while aerating your fountain, container, or pond.

Powered by solar panels, it is eco-friendly. It will automatically start working and circulate water under the full sun in 3 seconds. It comes with 4 plastic tubes to keep the solar fountain in place and prevent it from moving all over and spraying all the water out.

7 different nozzles

This Solar Powered Fountain Pump features 4 integrated nozzles and 3 installation nozzles for different water styles and heights of the fountain, adds natural beauty to your garden, and attracts birds.

Water up to 23.5″ jet height

In full sun, the birdbath pumps waters up to 45-60 cm jet height. However, the actual height depends on the amount of sunlight it gets. Please note that it will not work on cloudy days without sunlight.

4 plastic tubes

This solar fountain water pump comes with 4 plastic tubes which can keep the fountain pump in place, and prevent it from moving all over and spraying the water out.

Multiple applications

This water fountain can move 47 gallons of water an hour. Available in blossom, willow, and foam jet spray options. It is a great addition to garden decoration/a fish tank/a small pond/a pool and a birdbath.

Directions for Use

1. Attach 4 plastic tubes to the black clip and clamp them to the solar water feature pump.
2. Pick the desired nozzle head and put it on.
3. Just place the pump in your fountain under full sun and leave it.

1. It must be working under full or partial sun.
2. Make sure your fountain or container has enough water to allow the pump to float on.
3. Regularly detach the sponge pad on the back of the pump and clean it in case of blocking.


Power: 2.2 W solar panel
Pump Output: 47 Gallons Per Hour
Pump Spray Height: 11.5-23.5 Inches
Panel Output: 7 V
Brushless Pump: Yes

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1 review for hygger Solar Powered Fountain Water Pump

  1. Chelsea

    My grandmother wanted a small fountain in her garden but had no power to her garden this gave me a option to surprise her
    It’s perfect it’s small and the solar power was a big plus for me I’m so pleased with this product

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