hygger Mini Submersible Water Pump

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Compact and lightweight submersible water pump that keeps your fountain flowing quietly.

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Package includes:
1 x Water Pump
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User manual


hygger Mini Submersible Water Pump adds beauty to your decorative backyard water by powering the fountainhead. It also provides a quick solution to aquarium water change.


hygger submersible water pump keeps your fountain flowing quietly, leaving nothing but a pleasing water-flowing sound. It provides a maximum pumping height of 4.3 Feet and a flow rate of up to 185 gallons per hour. Ideal for freshwater or saltwater, small fountains, statuary, bird baths, water stones, and small aquariums.
Submersible Water Pump

Built-in adjustable flow control

You can turn the control knob to set the best flow for your application. A porous intake strainer can catch large debris.

Ultra-compact and lightweight

It only measures 2.3″x 2.2″x 4.4″, and it comes with one outlet adapter that will fit a 1/2″ or 5/16″ inside diameter hose and a 6-foot power cord.
Note: Hose and fountainhead are not included in this submersible pump package.

Directions for Use

It is effortless to use, detach, and clean without using any tools.

Useful Tips:
1. Max Lift is the maximum height the water goes up after connecting the pipe to the nozzle.

2. The smaller nozzle will pump less water per hour (smaller GPH). Similarly, using the larger nozzle will give you a higher GPH.


Brand: hygger
Power: 10 W
Flow Rate: 185 GPH
Maximum Pumping Height: 4.3 Feet
Dimension: 2.3″x 2.2″x 4.4″

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  1. Paul

    Works very well for a pump, it is a good pump and works very well.

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