Selection Guide of Water Pump for Marine Aquarium

To keep marine aquariums healthy, great water circulation is critically crucial. Without sufficient and proper water circulation, your tank may face stinky water and poor water quality. And it is damaging to your fish. In today’s article, we will discuss marine water pump for aquariums further. For instance, how to choose a water pump for marine aquariums.

Do saltwater tanks need a pump

Is a water pump necessary for saltwater tanks?

Saltwater tanks require great water circulation, equally, a high water flow rate. The marine water pump is one piece of aquarium equipment that creates water movement, which enables aeration by mixing the water on the surface and the rest. Also, effective water flow can bring a handful of benefits:

  • Promote the gas exchange
  • Beneficial for waste removal
  • Helpful to deliver food to every corner of the tank
  • Insufficient water movement is damaging to corals
  • Stagnant water would cause accumulation of harmful organism

The roles of the water pump and wave maker pump in saltwater tanks

Types of aquarium pumps Roles
Water pumps 1. Keep good water quality by circulating and filtering the water
2. Improve oxygen level in the tank
3. Prevent the disease of fish through regular and frequent water circulation
Wave maker pumps 1. Rotate aquarium water and make waves
2. Blow away fish feces in the tank
3. Reduce the fight between fish in the tank
4. Strengthen fish/coral’s body

How to determine whether your reef tank needs a water pump?

Generally, you can determine whether your reef tank needs a water pump according to the creatures in your tank. For example, if the creature needs a high water flow rate, like SPS corals, then adding a water pump is vital. Aside from that, in the face of hard-breathing creatures, poor water quality, etc., you can add a water pump or change the water.

What kind of water pump do you need for marine aquariums

Water flow rate

As for the water pump for freshwater aquariums, a flow rate of 3–5 times of water volume is feasible. However, the water flow rate for marine aquariums should be maintained at least 20 times the water volume.

The material of the shaft

Also, the shaft should be anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Consequently, a ceramic one is better. Iron or steel ones are not suitable for marine aquariums. Because they are susceptible to rust.

DC or AC water pump

Additionally, a DC variable frequency water pump is an excellent alternative. Since it is safer to use in aquariums. People would not suffer risks and threats in the face of electricity leakage. On the other side, the marine AC water pump is easy to use. It can run after plug-in. But, it would pose a risk to fish and human health once it leaks electricity.

How to choose a water pump for marine aquariums

After learning some basic information about water pump size for marine aquariums. Next, let’s learn how to choose a water pump for different marine aquariums.

Ideal water pumps for SPS coral tanks

SPS corals prefer a high water flow rate, which is helpful to remove waste in polyps. Commonly, the water turnover rate should be kept at about 30 to 50 times.

Water flow rate Coral types
Low flow rate: 20 times the total water volume Only for specific coral types, like Leptoseris corals
Medium flow rate: 20–30 times the total water volume Low flow corals /Xenia corals /Leather corals /Zoanthids /Cyphastrea /Pavona
High flow rate: 40–50 times /80-100 times the total water volume Medium flow corals /Acropora /Anacropora /Hydnophora

For a 40-gallon marine tank with leather corals, the tank requires a medium water flow rate. In this case, a 30W or 40W inverter water pump can help you a lot, respectively with 800GPH and 1200GPH flow rates. Alternatively, a 40W DC water pump can also be a great option. On the other side, if you have a marine aquarium with Acropora, you should make sure high water flow rate. Take 40 gallons as an example, you should provide water circulation of at least 1600 or 2000 gallons per hour. Accordingly, a 55W or 65W DC water pump can meet the needs.

Ideal water pumps for LPS or soft coral tanks

Unlike SPS corals, LPS corals or soft corals are fond of slower flow rates. They can grow well under low to medium water flow rates, with 20–30 times the total water volume. For instance, Bubble corals, Zoanthids, Mushroom corals, and Green star polyps.

Take a 30-gallon LPS coral tank as an example. 30 gallons is approximately equal to 114L. Then the water flow rate of the tank should be 600-900 GPH or 2280-3420 LPH. Accordingly, the electric water pump 60W or 90W is applicable to the 30 gallons LPS coral tank.


Pointers on water pumps for marine aquariums

To avoid dead spots in aquariums, it is necessary to properly place the saltwater submersible pump in the tank. Actually, You can place the water pump on the corners of your tank. Nevertheless, never place the pump near rocks, plants, or corals, which may impede the flow.

That’s all for guidelines on water pumps for marine aquariums. For additional ideas or advice on marine water pumps, welcome to share with us in the comment. Finally, thanks for taking the time, and we hope this article helps. Wish you the best for your aquaristic effort.

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