Hygger Electric Water Pump

18-watt 215 GPH
40-watt 400 GPH
60-watt 660 GPH
90-watt 1060 GPH


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Multifunctional bottom intake water pump: Perfect suction pump for many forms of aquariums, fountain, pond.
Unique design and attractive appearance: Special shape looks beautiful.
Effective bottom water intake design: Effectively clean dirt and impurities at the bottom of the aquariums.
Super quiet and powerful operation: Lower noise and powerful.
Low power consumption and longer duration: Wear proof ceramic shaft extends duration.
Steady flow speed and reliable operation: Quality motor.
Intelligent auto shutoff:
Dry running operation will increase motor temperature, then the pump will automatically shut down. The pump will restart working after the temperature goes down. If the pump automatically turned off, cut off power if possible. Auto shutoff can effectively reduce the damage caused by dry running.
Perfect as an aquarium bottom suction pump or submersible return pump.


Brand: Hygger


1 x Bottom intake water pump
1 x User manual