6 Best Tools For Cleaning Aquarium Glass

As time went by, algae would appear in your fish tank and grow on the aquarium glass. However, some algae are harmful to your tank, like black beard algae, blue algae, and chladophora. Also, if you do not remove the algae and clean the glass regularly, it would cause bad water quality, cloudy water, and dirty glass. Thus, you’d better take action. In addition to introducing algae eaters, you should clean the aquarium glass if necessary. In this article, we will talk about the six best tools for aquarium glass cleaners. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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Magnet scrapers

Magnet scrapers are ideal aquarium glass cleaners. Magnet scrapers help to keep your hands and arms dry. Exactly, you do not need to put your hands and arms into the aquarium water. Besides that, the magnet scrapers would not scratch your aquarium glass unless sand or debris is attached to the scrapers.

With strong magnetism, the magnet scraper could stick to the aquarium glass tightly, and it would not fall off. However, to avoid accidental injury, you should keep it far away from children because of its strong magnetism. Additionally, the size of the magnet scraper is determined by the thickness of your tank. Therefore, you should know the aquarium thickness in advance when you want to purchase one magnet scraper. Then you can get the optimum one.

Flat sponge cleaner

Usually made of sponge-like material, the flat sponge cleaner would not scratch the aquarium glass. And it can remove most algae. hygger aquarium cleaner is an excellent alternative, which is made with carbon fiber composition and polyurethane material. Additionally, the flat sponge cleaner is designed for glass and substrate cleaning. While it can be rotated to 90 degrees for all-direction cleaning. Nonetheless, it may make no sense to hard-reach corners cleaning.

Right-angle sponge scraper

Excluding the flat sponge one, the right-angle sponge scraper is another sponge-type cleaner. The two respectively possess special functions. The flat sponge scraper is mainly for glass and substrate cleaning. On the other hand, the right-angle sponge scraper is an effective tool to help you clean up hard-reach corners and under the rim. The flat and right-angle sponge ones are great partners, right?

Razor blade long scraper

With various sizes, it is an algae scraper to remove the tough algae. And the blades can be made of plastic, titanium, stainless steel, or other materials. Also, these kinds of scrapers always have a handle, which makes the blade reach every corner of your tank. The razor blade is made of carbon fiber and stainless steel, which is anti-rust and can be used in saltwater aquariums. And it is non-detachable and has a cover, which can protect you from getting hurt. However, this blade is only for glass tanks.

For instance, the blade algae scraper is included in the hygger 816 cleaner tool kit. How often do change the blade and where to get one new? It depends on your tank size and how often you use the blade, you can change the blade when it becomes dull, and get the new blade accessory here to change it.

Microfiber cloth short scraper

Except for the inside aquarium glass, the outside glass also needs cleaning. Otherwise, dirt and water stains would accumulate on the glass, which would decrease the ornamental enjoyment. Tools, such as microfiber cloths, paper towels, and newspapers, are feasible options. Actually, these tools are helpful to clean the dirt on aquarium glass. And they are cheap.

DIY scrapers

DIY scrapers are imaginable. Just use your imagination and find some idle tools, like razor blades and plastic cards. Actually, a DIY scraper is money-saving. But a DIY one can also play role in algae removal and glass cleaning, which may take some time. Nevertheless, a DIY scraper is without a handle. Consequently, your arm may need to be immersed in the aquarium water. Furthermore, you should be careful when you use a razor blade. Otherwise, it would cut you, like your fingers or scratching the glass.

Cleaning the aquarium glass is part of tank maintenance. Generally, you should clean the inside aquarium glass every two weeks. Also, magnetic aquarium glass cleaner, aquarium cleaner tool kit, and napkins or towels are available tools to clean the glass. For more additional ways to clean the glass, you can go to How to Clean the Inside Glass of an Aquarium. That is all for today. More brilliant schemes about how to clean aquarium glass, welcome to share with us in the comment, we are always happy to receive your sharing. Finally, thank you for reading.

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