hygger Magnetic Fish Tank Glass Cleaner

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A convenient magnetic cleaner helps clean the aquarium without wetting your hands.

Package includes:
Wood appearance grip
Black scrubber pad
1 x User manual

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Product Features

Strong magnetism cleaner

This magnetic fish tank cleaner carries so strong magnetism that it sticks tightly to the glass and will not fall off. Due to the strong magnetism, careful handling is required.

Appealing wood-like finish grip

This smooth, curved wood-like finish grip is ergonomically designed so it’s comfortable to use and visually appealing to the eyes.

Float design

Once taken down the external grip, the internal cleaner floats on the surface of the aquarium which you can fetch without getting your hands wet.

Buy 1 get 2 blades

Aquarium magnetic cleaner comes with two blades, one is metal and the other is plastic. You can do the fish tank cleaning effectively and effortlessly. For a replacement blade, please search ASIN B07P2YKR19.

Directions for Use

1. Drop the black scrubber pad into the aquarium. You can see it floating on the water’s surface.
2. Pick up a wooden grip and attach it to the outside of the aquarium. Do not release your hand until the scrubber and grip stick together.
3. When you pull the outside part along the glass, the inside cleaning part will pull along the inside of the tank, and the algae will be scraped off.
4. If you need to remove tough algae, you can take out the scrubber pad and assemble the razor blade. This cleaner tool could scrape algae off the tank effectively.

How to choose the right size

It all depends on the thickness of your fish tank. Size Medium measures 4.1″ L × 2.1″ W × 1.1″, fits for fish tank glass thickness ranges from 3/8″ – 3/5″.

The small-size cleaner is recommended for 5-gallon to 50-gallon glass aquariums.
The medium-size cleaner is recommended for glass aquariums from 55 gallons to 150 gallons.

How to swap the blade

The swapping blade is simple and quick. It is shown below.

1. Do not put your fingers between the pad and the blade.
2. Put your thumbs on both sides of the blade to push it out.

Warm tips to use the magnetic cleaner

1. Due to strong magnetism, please keep it away from children!
2. DO NOT use cleaner if you wear pacemakers and implanted heart defibrillate devices!
3. Careful handing is required, especially careful with your fingers.
4. When cleaners stick together, rotate one of the cleaners by 90 degrees to separate it.
5. Make sure magnetic cleaner stays away from the high temperature that may cause demagnetization.
6. Keep a distance with all magnet-prone items such as scissors.
7. hygger magnetic fish tank cleaner is only meant for glass tanks up to 3/8″ – 3/5″ thickness.
8. Recommended tank size: 5 – 150 gallons. And it is not for acrylic tanks.

Additional information


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2 reviews for hygger Magnetic Fish Tank Glass Cleaner

  1. Chi Nou Yang

    Works well and very useful! Would highly suggested for aquariums with lots of algae!

  2. Chi Nou Yang

    This is by far one of the best cleaner I’ve used and experienced! Highly suggested and you won’t waste your money.

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