Do I Really Need a Heater for an Aquarium

An aquarium heater, especially in cold weather, can narrow down the water difference and keep a stable water temp in your tank. Meanwhile, it helps keep good metabolism. Not all fish tanks require a heater. Fish tanks that possess a heating system do not need an aquarium heater, while other tanks that do not have a heating system would require one. In this article, let’s explore and understand more about aquarium heaters.

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What is the best way to keep a fish tank warm?

When the weather is cold, how can we keep the aquarium warm? We can only add an aquarium heater? Any other ways? Of course, there are also some other methods to maintain your fish tank warm. And we will cover them in the following. However, adding an aquarium heater should be the best and most effective way.

Location of your fish tank

It is feasible to place your fish tank in warm areas, for example, closer to the heater in your house. You can keep the temperature at about 78℉ in the room where you place your aquarium. Besides, a higher level in your home and no drafty area are better choices, while sunny areas are the best. It is recommended to keep 6 hours of natural sunlight each day for the fish-only tank. However, if you have a planted tank, you should know some methods to control algae growth.

Prepare a tank hood

A fish tank hood can limit the cold airflow entering the fish tank. But it will block the air. Therefore, do not forget to add an air stone or a quiet air pump. It can increase water agitation at the surface and help to oxygenate the water as well as keep great water quality.

Insulate your fish tank

You can cover the glass of your fish tank with something like styrofoam, insulation film, or foil. Nevertheless, it will make your tank not so aesthetically attractive.

Place hot water containers

This solution is just a temporary one. You can place containers filled with hot water in your aquarium. For instance, if you want to keep 80℉ in your tank, you may need the hot water in containers at 120℉. On the other hand, it also threatens fish in your tank. As the hot water in containers will gradually cools, it will lead to drastic fluctuations in water temp. Thus, it is not feasible if there are sensitive fish in your aquarium.

Change water with warm water

You can store warm water for water changes. Then mix the stored water with some boiling water. Nonetheless, although there is no fish in your tank, you should not directly add boiling water to your fish tank. Furthermore, the water temp may raise slowly.

Add an aquarium heater

Aside from all solutions mentioned above, adding an aquarium heater would be the best option. You can set the needed water temperature accordingly. Some aquarium heaters are with a thermometer, then you can check real-time water temperature and adjust in time. In addition, a smart aquarium heater can automatically heat when the water temperature is lower than the set temp.

Aquarium heater tips for cold weather

Fish are poikilothermic animals, and they can not control their body temp but rely on the surrounding temperature. If it is too cold, they will not be as active as usual, and they will lose interest in their appetite, or even be sick. Since then, how to choose or use an aquarium heater in different tanks? In this part, we will provide you with some answers.

For freshwater aquariums, glass heaters, quartz heaters, titanium heaters, and PTC heaters are feasible. Consequently, you can choose one among them. On the other hand, for saltwater aquariums, a glass heater or a quartz heater would be one great option, but the titanium heater is the best.

For example, the aquarium double quartz heater is perfect for saltwater tanks. If you have a large tank of up to 200 gallons, you can set a 1200W quartz heater in it easily instead of a heating system. It upgrades in temperature probes, then the detection is more sensitive and safe. Furthermore, a variable frequency aquarium heater is better to save energy. As it is power-saving and accurately controls the water temperature. You can choose heaters according to the tank size and fish species.

Where is the best place to put a heater in fish tanks?

Seeing that too cold will cause fish to be sick, while too warm will speed up fish’ breathing and metabolisms, and they will consume more oxygen. Then, how can we keep the temperature balance in a fish tank? Where is the best place to put an aquarium heater? Do not hurry, we will give your ideas in this segment.

To make sure balanced heat distribution, you can place the aquarium heater near the filter inlet or outlet. For a submersible aquarium heater, placing it horizontally near the bottom of the fish tank is best. Also, you can install it vertically. Keep in mind that you should keep the aquarium heater far away from decorations. By doing so, the water can circulate freely. If there are two heaters in your aquarium, you can place them on both sides. Meanwhile, it is better not to position the heater closer to the glass. Or the glass may crack. Never bury the heater under gravel, mud, or sand to lead it corroded.

In addition to this, if you keep large fish in your tank, then fixing the aquarium heater will be crucial. Since some large fish can smash it by their tails. Also, one tip here, it is recommended to prepare a spare heater. Provided your heater does not work, you will not be in a hurry to purchase a new one.

Will aquarium fish thrive in warm water?

To be honest, whether your fish will thrive in warm water depends on the fish species. If you keep fish in too warm water, it is no doubt that unideal water temperature will be detrimental to your fish. For instance, tropical fish prefer 75-80℉, while cold-water fish are fond of water temperatures below 70℉. If you do not keep fish in suitable water temperature, they may not live long and their body colors may be muted. Under ideal temperature ranges, higher water temp will promote metabolism. Generally speaking, fish usually be active in warm water. However, if the water temperature is out of the ideal range, fish will become stressed, get sick easily, or even suffer death.

Sum up

After reading, have you gained more useful information and gotten the answer about the heater in your aquarium? Until now, we believe you have known more about aquarium heaters, such as some tips and the best place to put them in fish tanks. If you have other wonderful ideas, please leave them in the comment. Finally, thanks for your reading!

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