Hygger Variable Frequency Aquarium Heater



Quartz aquarium water heater with LED digital display thermostat controller for 20-100 Gallon freshwater saltwater tank.

Package includes:
1 x Double Quartz Heater with LED Digital Controller
4 x Suction Cup
1 x User Manual

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Product Features

Auto Power Off & Abnormal Alarm

This adjustable aquarium heater has intelligent dual temperature probe and memory function. It will automatically stop heating and emit a warning signal when the heating rod is out of the water or over temperature, and resume work when the heater rod is completely immersed in water or cools down.

Variable Frequency Energy Saving

It’s intelligent variable frequency design can reduce power consumption. High-power rapid heating, low-power to maintain water temperature. When the water temperature is 1°F lower than the desired temperature, it will automatically enter 50% power heating, saving electricity and energy.

Dual Temp Sensing Probe

The intelligent dual temp sensing probe can accurately detect temp, when a probe fails, the heater will still work normally to avoid accidents.

Out of Water & Overheating Protection

When the heating rod is out of the water, it will automatically stop heating and emit a warning signal to avoid burning the heater rod. LED display flashes ‘E01’.
When the heating rod is over temperature, it will automatically stop heating and emit a warning signal to prevent fish from boiling. LED display flashes ‘E02’.


Quartz insulator, non-leakage, and non-conductive, it is safe for fish. Quartz thickened glass tube is sealed in one piece, anti-corrosion, is perfect for seawater and freshwater.

Wide Compatibility

Hygger Variable Frequency Aquarium Heater 200W is suitable for 20-40 gallon freshwater and saltwater tank. And there are 300 watt heater and 500 watt aquarium heater for fish tank from 30-100 gallons, which can suitable for large fish tank.

Precise Temperature Control

Aquarium temperature can be precisely adjusted from 54℉ to 90℉, press the “SET” button one time can change 1℉. Rotate the “SET” button one time can change 0.5℉. Accurate temperature measurement and high-definition LED digital display (display accurately to 0.1℉) make the temperature difference exactly for fishes’ health.

Rapid Heating & Safer

The double heating rods are made of explosion-proof quartz glass, which is anti-corrosion, non-leakage, and non-conductive, making the water heating faster, more stable and safer. 4 suction cups make firmly installed and the ABS protective shell to ensure the safety of aquatic pets.

Easy to Operate

The external adjustable controller is easy to be set and operation. Connect to the socket and use directly. The clear LED display is easy to read and set. With memory function, if power is shut off, the aquarium heater will keep the temperature settings when it powers on again.

Directions for Use

Please note that unplug the aquarium water heater and wait for 15 min before changing water or removing heater. Make sure the heating rod is completely submerged in water and there is enough water flow and water circulation in fish tank when using the adjustable aquarium heater.

Note: The aquarium water heater should not be exposed above the surface of the water or in contact with the sand or stone, which may cause danger.

Use Tips

You should install quartz aquarium heater vertically or obliquely on the side of the aquarium tank, close to the water flow or water circulation, make sure the heater rod is completely submersed in the water.


Hygger Variable Frequency Aquarium Heater Specification

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200W 20-40 Gallon, 300W 30-60 Gallon, 500W 50-100 Gallon