hygger Aquarium Double Quartz Heater

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Double quartz heater explosion-proof 75W-1200W for 5-237 gallons freshwater saltwater aquarium

Product includes:
1x Double quartz heater
2x Suction cup (for 75W/150W only)
2 sets x Suction cup holder (for 300/500/800/1200W only)
1 x User manual

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Strong Safety Performance

This hygger 019 quartz heaters has a built-in intelligent LED digital temperature display and three temperature probes, it can monitor the real-time water temperature, and the temperature accuracy is ± 1 °F. Install a quartz heater with a strong suction cup bracket, it can stably be fixed in every corner of the fish tank. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums from 5 gallons to 237 gallons.


Double Quartz Rapid Heating

With an explosion-proof quartz heating element, the heater can warm your tank in seconds. Nickel-chromium heating wire materials have higher thermal energy efficiency, and conducting heat through silicon carbide material is safer and more durable in use. The high-temperature-resistant plastic cover has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to deform.

Intelligent Thermostat

Over-temperature protection prevents the tank water from overheating. When the water temp exceeds about 95 °F, the heater will flash a 95 number code, and the red and green light flash together; and over 93℉, the heater will stop heating automatically. When the water temp cools down to below 93℉, the heater will start working automatically. (The red and green indicators show the working status.)

New Upgrade Heater

The new upgrade increased the heater to 3 temperature probes, and the detection is more sensitive and safe, preventing the single or double-temperature probe from being damaged and causing no heating or over-temperature for your tank.
It is simple and easy to operate with the external controller without wet hands.

Anti-dry Protection

After the water evaporates, the heater is exposed to the water surface, and it will automatically cut off the electricity and display ER error codes.
When the heater is exposed to air, it will display an ER fault code and the heater will shut off automatically via intelligent temp sensing. When the heating rod is completely immersed in water, it will start working automatically and effectively extend the service life. hygger 019 quartz heaters have a power-off memory function and no need to set it again.

Auto Frequency Energy-saving

The quartz heater can fully convert electric energy into heat energy, saving energy and safety.
When approaching the set temperature, the heater will heat at 10% to 30% power and fully utilize thermal energy inertia to smoothly reach the set temperature, then save energy. The external controller is easy to operate, every press changes the set temperature by 1℉, ranging from 59℉(15℃) to a max of 93℉(34℃) to meet your needs.

Double quartz heater 1200W

Directions for Use

Heating material

Nickel-chromium heating wire + double explosion-proof quartz + ABS material outer casing


Two strong suction cup brackets can stably fix the heater in every corner of the tank.

Use Tips

Please note: the heater should be fully submerged in water to work properly.


Hygger 019 heater parameter

Additional information


75W for 5-15 gallon, 150W for 10-30 gallon, 300W for 40-80 gallon, 500W for 66-135 gallon, 800W for 80-220 gallon, 1200W for 160-237 gallon

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2 reviews for hygger Aquarium Double Quartz Heater

  1. Mikhail

    It’s a solid product and above competition. It worked like a charm for over a year, then stopped. Customer service is top-notch, and they immediately looked after me and sent a replacement. I would buy their products without hesitation. I did get another heater from them, a slightly more powerful Titanium tube heater. I like the company.

  2. Behzad Vaziri

    Easy to install and set the temperature. 15-gallon tank got to the temperature in just minutes. Works great and looks sturdy.

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