Best Aquarium Supplies for Goldfish

Goldfish are popular among beginners. Do you know what you need to prepare when you start to keep goldfish? Besides, the goldfish can live for 5-10 years on average. But with optical care, their lifespan can extend to about 10-20 years. In the article, we will share something about goldfish, such as care tips for goldfish and aquarium supplies for goldfish.

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What kind of tank is best for goldfish

It is said that 10 gallons of each fish are needed, but 20 gallons per fish is better. Specifically speaking, adult fancy goldfish need 10 gallons each fish at least, while the common goldfish, comet goldfish, and shubunkins require 20 gallons per fish. Since then, what factor we should consider when we choose a tank for goldfish?

The first one is the fish tank size. As we have mentioned above, a 75 gallons tank is better. Besides, you should know how many goldfish you want to keep in a tank. Of course, a large tank may be better. Your fish can have more space to move, and you can keep more in the tank in the future.

Besides that, you should also pay attention to the material of the tanks. The material should resist breaks, leaking, and scratches. You can select acrylic or glass. The former provides a more attractive view, and the latter offers a better shape and a more comfortable and safe environment for goldfish. Furthermore, you should consider whether you prefer a tank with equipment or not, such as filtration, lighting, or others.

How to care for goldfish

After getting a suitable tank, there are also tips about caring for goldfish.

1. Water parameter

The water temperature should not be lower than 68℉, and the ideal temperature of goldfish is 68-74℉. Besides, goldfish accept a pH of 7.0-8.4. Moreover, the ammonia and nitrite levels should be at 0.

2. Diet and feed

Goldfish are omnivores, they eat insects, wild plants, and crustaceans. And you should avoid overfeeding. Feeding them 1-2 times a day is suitable. Besides, goldfish will finish eating within 3-5 minutes.

3. Tankmates

Goldfish can get along well with peaceful and similar-sized fish. But you should avoid keeping them with boisterous fish and fish that nip fins.

4. Water change and water quality

Change 10-25% of the water each week. If the nitrate level reaches 20, you should change 50% of the water. Moreover, you should test the ammonia and nitrite levels in the water from time to time.

5. Breeding

There is no parental care after laying eggs. And you should move the eggs to another tank, which is attached to the plants and other objects in the tanks, and then the eggs will hatch within 48-72 hours. If you do not remove the eggs, they will be eaten by the adult fish or other fish in the tank.

What do goldfish need?

4 best aquarium supplies for goldfish in the tanks

1. Filter

An aquarium filter can keep the water quality stable and improve water cycling. Goldfish produce waste. And the filter will remove the waste debris and toxic ammonia in the water.

2. Water test kit

It is necessary to test the water parameters of aquarium water, such as ammonia level, pH level, and nitrite level. With accurate test results, you can adjust as soon as possible, and then avoid the bad effects on fish. The most easiest way to test the water parameters is using the water test kit. And it is convenient without complex steps.

3. Light

Fish are sensitive to light. Your tanks are usually placed far from direct sunlight, or it will improve the water temperature. But if you put your tank in places lacking sunlight, applying the fish tank lights is necessary. Besides, if there are live plants in your tank, a light will be more important.

4. Thermometer

Applying an aquarium thermometer is to check the temperature of the water tank and keep the right water temp. The thermometer can show accurate water temperature, if the temp is too high, you can adjust it accordingly. Besides, it will cause the death of goldfish if the water temp is too high or too low. And goldfish will get sick for the frequent and sudden change of water temp.

5 best supplies for goldfish in ponds

1. Water pump

A water pump can move and circulate waters, and create movement. It helps keep the water in ponds fresh. External and submersible pumps are suitable for a fish pond. But some people may prefer a water pump running silently. Take the inverter water pump as an example, it works quietly and its noise level is lower than 30 DB. Besides, it can be used as an external pump or a submersible pump. Moreover, it has 20 different speed settings and waves internal with feed mode.

2. Water test equipment

The suitable water parameter is critically important for goldfish. With low oxygen, pH, and water temperature, the goldfish will get sick and even die. So it is better to test the water and recognize the water parameters in ponds. Moreover, there are types of water test equipment, including test strips, chemical master test kits, and digital test kits.

3. Auto fish feeder

An automatic fish feeder can meet the needs of feeding your goldfish with programmable time and portion. It is extremely suitable for you if you are going to have a trip because the automatic feeder will feed your fish at the set time each day. All you need to do is that choose an ideal auto fish feeder for your pond.

4. Siphon pump

A siphon pump plays its role in water change, and it can remove waste and detritus from the water in the pond. But the siphon pump should be long enough. There are manually operated, electrical, and automatic aquarium gravel cleaners.

5. Aeration equipment

You should keep enough stable dissolved oxygen levels in the pond so that goldfish will be active and feel comfortable. Suitable aeration equipment includes air pumps, air stones, and other aerating decorations. When you choose an air pump, you should pay attention to the volume of water in your pond, and then you can choose the appropriate one.

How big do goldfish get

At present, one goldfish from the U.K., named “Goldie”, weighs 2 pounds, with 15.5 inches in length and 5 inches in height. And “Goldie” lives for 15 years. Moreover, there is another pet goldfish in Holland. Its estimated weight is about 3 pounds, with 18.7 inches in length. Goldfish grow throughout their lives. As time flies, goldfish will grow bigger every year. Generally speaking, they grow about 1 inch each year. Besides, they grow fast during the months after they are born. However, most goldfish weigh 0.2-0.6 pounds. If in the wild, 5 pounds is also possible.

If you keep goldfish in aquariums, they can grow up to 2-6 inches in small aquariums, and larger in large aquariums. If you keep goldfish in ponds, most goldfish can reach about 16 inches. Factors, including the type and quality of food, the size and depth of ponds, and the types of goldfish, will give an impact on the growth of goldfish. Take types of goldfish as an example, different goldfish maybe with different potential sizes. The fantails can grow up to 8-10 inches while the shubunkins reach about 10-12 inches.


Until now, have you learned more about goldfish, including the suitable tanks, care tips, and aquarium equipment for goldfish keeping? Besides, if you want to learn more other aspects about goldfish, such as types of goldfish and how long they live. You can read another article – How Long Do Goldfish Live?

That is all for today! Hope you have enjoyed reading and gained useful information. Thank you for your reading!

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