hygger Auto Aquarium Gravel Cleaning

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Versatile aquarium cleaning tool to clean gravel and change water for your aquatic life.

Package includes:
1 x flexible water hose
1 x 12.6-inch gravel tube
1 x gravel tube connector
1 x water flow assembly
1 x duckbilled suction head
1 x user manual

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Aquarium gravel cleaning

You can use this fish tank cleaner to suck away aquarium dirty water and move the gravel tube to clean the gravel or install the duck-billed suction head to clean fish tank feces.

Not electric &Change water quietly

It’s not electric, only use the water pressure and siphon to drain or fill the aquarium with fresh water. With the pressure from the water, the gravel and sand can be sucked up into the gravel tube to vacuum out the debris in the gravel. It does the water change quickly and neatly.

Fits on most faucets

It comes with a 15/16″, M21, 3/4″ copper metal faucet adapter that fits on most faucets. Each pack comes with a 15/16″ copper threaded faucets adapter (large diameter: 23.8 mm), an M21 copper threaded faucets adapter (large diameter: 21 mm), and a 3/4″ copper threaded faucets adapter (large diameter: 26.4 mm)

3 Hose lengths are available

You can choose the right size hose or cut it according to your aquarium needs. The cleaner comes with 3 hoses 25ft, 33ft, and 49ft in length for various aquariums.

Durable & flexible

The water hose is flexible and durable, made of PVC material, and the inner diameter of the thick hose is 1/2 inch.

Prevent fish from sucking

There is a porous filter sheet in the gravel tube connector, so no worries for small fish sucking.

Easy to install

It’s very easy to install, you can attach the water flow assembly and orange valve to the faucet.

Directions for Use

Assemble aquarium cleaning to change water:

1. Connect the flexible hose to the water flow assembly and the gravel tube.
2. Submerge the gravel tube in the aquarium tank and keep its orange valve closed.
3. Keep the water flow assembly orange valve open and open the faucet.
4. Finally open the gravel tube valve, the dirty water will be sucked into the hose and flow away.

Use Tips:

1. If the faucet has a sprayer or filter head, you need to unscrew that and then screw the connector onto the faucet.
2. When draining the water from the tank, the water flow assembly valve should be open, please close the vacuum tube valve first, after you open the faucet, then open the vacuum valve.
3. The sinks you are using should be level with the tank or lower than it.


Manufacturer: hygger
Metal faucet adapter: 15/16″, M21, 3/4″
Water Hose: 25ft, 33ft, and 49ft length

Additional information


25 FT, 33 FT, 49 FT

1 review for hygger Auto Aquarium Gravel Cleaning

  1. Gordon

    Very handy! I was filling my tanks with 5 gallon bucket and draining my tanks with a hose today I vacuumed my tank with this then filled it back up with ease. Definitely disappointed I waited so long to purchase this. It comes with all sorts of fitting I unscrewed the screen filter on my bathroom sink and screwed in the adapter. Simple to use!

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