Why You Need Aquarium Decorations

The natural ecological aquascape art on the interior space mood shaping refers to the limited interior space, through the aquascape natural elements, color, lighting, materials, and other elements of the design, to create a landscape can have a certain impact on human emotional expression, or also theoretical needs. Not only decorates the indoor space environment but also forms a unique space atmosphere. Let people feel the spiritual enjoyment of entering the room and forgetting about it.

The natural ecological aquascape has a different temperament due to its own landscape style.

For example, the light and leisurely, gorgeous and magnificent, fresh and natural, peaceful and quiet, majestic and magnificent, and so on; The green turf in the grass tank always gives a kind of “wind blowing grass low see fish swimming” scene, from the low slope of the green flowing out of the calm and indifferent also realm atmosphere; And, a simple hollow tree trunk can add a lot of fun to an ordinary fish tank.

After all, if you just use the glass fish tank to keep fish, looks too monotonous, now fish more and more in pursuit of the overall fish tank beauty and class.

tank decoration
So began to have fish tank decorations as aquarium equipment. And it can not be placed randomly, because many aquarium decorations manufacturers, do not understand fish, simply to people or even their own aesthetic to produce, or simply imitation, and do not consider some of the basic conflicts of fish, such as whether to affect the water quality, will not affect the activities of the fish, how long can be stored in the water, and so on these issues are not very strict consideration.

Resin in the shape of caves or nests is also a common fish tank decoration, although this is also colored, but better than plastic. The properties of resin are milder and not as harmful as plastic in the water. The shape is also more in line with the natural aesthetic, that is, looks more natural, and will not look very abrupt.

Common resin shapes are tree holes, caves, etc. These are still imitated from the natural environment, so it’s not bad to put them in the aquarium, you can’t see too much if you don’t look closely. A tree hole makes the fish more lively and cheerful, and the scene of fish shuttling back and forth in the tree hole also greatly increases the fun of viewing.

Hygger 5 holes hollow tree trunk resin aquarium ornament is hand painted, very detailed, and realistic, a wonderful addition to your aquariums, to create a nature landscape underwater and also help make it more fun for your small fish, can reduce their stress and boredom in the tank.

It is only for small and baby fish, large fish may get stuck in the trunk. Perfect fish accessories for small aquarium pets less than 5 inches such as betta, hermit crab, crayfish, sucker fish, axolotl, guppies, blue rams, chained loach, clown fish, fishes, hifin ram, zebra danio, black neon tetra, etc.
tree trunk

What are the hygger resin hollow tree trunk decoration’s advantages?

1. Dimension

The hollow tree trunk aquarium ornament measurement is 5.3″4″2.7 inches, perfect for use in small and medium size fish tanks (5-50 gallons)

2. Small Fish Favorite

There are 5 holes on the trunk fish decor, your lovely pet betta or other smaller fish would be super happy to go in and out of the trunk cave to sleep, rest, hide, play, and breed.

3. Good glimpse at your fish

100% tree trunk imitation, very detailed, add underwater nature landscape to your aquariums, and you can easily glimpse your little fish through 3 side holes

4. Resin Material

Durable resin made, friendly for all aquariums and fish. Can be put in fresh water and salt water tank

5. Stay in Place

The aquarium betta log ornament has a flat base, and is completely hollow, will sit stably on the tank bottom, not floating over. Looks brighter and more colorful underwater

Cleaning Tips:
1. After choosing the fish decoration for your tank, please wash it in clean water to wipe off the dust and paint smell.
2. There is no need to clean the resin ornament too often, you wash it in flowing water when you change your tank water.

Add a Hygger Resin Tree Trunk Ornament to decorate your fish tank, and let your fish live in a more interesting underwater world!

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